William or Harry – who’d you rather go dating with?

Now, forget that these two men are completely off the market (but let’s be real, their father had the worst kept secret affair of the latter half of the twentieth century), but would you rather have a dating experience with; Prince William or Prince Harry?



Yes, this question is a bit 2002, for my real liking, but it is always fun to pit the two royals against each other. I think this question is a bit dated, because everyone would rather be dating Harry as opposed to William. Here me out, I cry, as you turn away from the page. In my opinion, neither are particularly desirable.  William has no hair, and the hair Harry has is ginger.



Dating Pitfalls

But, I’m a shallow bitch, who determines a man’s hotness by his hair. I’m quite picky about the small details. However, I’m not unaware of my pitfalls. And I understand this why there’s no one interested in putting their hat in the ring to go dating with me.

I actually don’t want either of them, and support that you do too. They are seemingly in committed relationships. One (you figure out for yourself) is married to the human equivalent of a plank of wood. And the other has today’s next president. There’s no dating possibility here at all.

Daphne X



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