Top five songs about dating

*WARNING* this list is nearly exclusively show tunes and Broadway bangers. IT IS NOT MY FAULT. I AM AN OLD LADY, REALLY. I just occupy the body of a 22 year old. It is just my lot in life. *WARNING*


  • 400 Lux by Lorde – a fine tune about teenage sweet mutterings. It’s not exactly clear if the situation described is about dating, however, ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION!!!!!!





  • I’ll Cover You (Reprise) by The Cast of Rent! – A funeral eulogy about his dead lover, lost to the HIV epidemic.  Special shout out to the belted out lyric, “WHEN YOUR HEART HAS EXPIRED”




  • If I Loved You by Shirley Jones and Gordon McRae – Perfectly captures the pre dating stages, when both sides are too proud to admit they wanna bone.


  • Easy To Love by The Cast of Anything Goes! – Boy just wants to get with the naive gal. It summarises any and all dating experiences. The end.





  • Gimme Gimme by Sutton Foster – I feel the title says it all.



if you don’t just love musicals, we cannot be friends. Unless, you buy me Oreos and let me watch Seinfeld on loop. THEY ARE THE CONDITIONS

Daphne X



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