Top 4 Reality TV Dating Shows

Top 4 Dating Shows


  • Blind Date – Oh what was Saturday night in the late nineties to early noughties without Cilla Black and three mystery desperate singletons vying for a stranger’s romantic affection? NOTHING, I TELL YOU, NOTHING. It was the pinnacle of dating.



Blind Date



  • Take Me Out – This is the baby of Blind Date without the late, great Ms Black. There is a lack of mystery with the addition of 30 thirsty single ladies, desperate to go dating. Women get given a light, which they can turn off because the show’s mantra is “NO LIKEY, NO LIGHTY!” Spoken in a thick like custard Bolton accent, from the one and lonely Paddy McGuinness.



Take Me Out



  • Dating In The Dark – Does what it says on the tin. People, in the dark, go dating. It involves a lot of cheeky face feeling, among other feelings. It’s kinda gross.


  • First Dates – A new spin on the dating show. People, who otherwise cannot get dates, go to a restaurant near St Paul’s and meet a blind date. It is my sister’s favourite show at the minute. It also involves a lot of dating, an overzealous Frenchman and a whole load of people that need love. Standard fare for a dating show, to be the honest.



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