Ten Reem Celebrities

1. Chace Crawford – oh my days have you seen his face? One of the major driving forces between the recently murdered television program Gossip Girl. He hasn’t been in much else.


Chace Crawford


2. Josh Duhamel – The other day I watched Win A Date With Tad Hamilton on Sky+ On Demand and I was really disappointed with the ending because they wifey whose name I cannot remember for the life of me (I would look it up but I really can’t be bothered) didn’t end up with him. He is so preeeeeeetty. He seriously needs to be in more films. I’m sorry for the spoilers. If are one of those people who genuinely doesn’t know how these films end by now…. I envy you… You taken on a journey with every sappy cinematic experience.


Josh Duhamel


3. Ryan Gosling – Yes please. I hate to sound like a knob but his work is still The Notebook, a film I wholeheartedly feel would be improved with the removal of the old people scenes. They are just plot spoilers. They are doing my job and the film hasn’t even finished!


Ryan Gosling


4. Zac Efron – don’t care what films he has been in, to say this sexy piece of man is not beautiful is just lying. We all know lying is a sin.. not that I care about what the sins are. People bore me with the minute details.


Zac Efron


5. Joseph Gordon Levitt – every time I watch 500 Days of Summer it just makes me so mad that that dickhead Zooey Deschanel doesn’t want to bag off with him! I always come up with the genius solution to his problem of marrying me instead. Imagine the fun we could have listening to The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian.


Joseph Gordon Levitt


6. Jack Whitehall – he’s not reem exactly but he is quirky and posh in a strangely camp sort of way

7. Every single member of One Direction – When they were formed way back on 2010 I was gobsmacked that every single one of them was fit. Although I am not fully convinced on the wee Irish one.

8. Ed Westwick – Another Gossip Girl actor (there is a reason that this show survived past the fifth season and it was not its writing) I love his character. Now let’s get this straight, if he was real he’d be the biggest bell end alas he is not so drool away, my minions.


Ed Westwick


9. Alex Turner from The Artic Monkeys – Everyone loves a wannabe indie kid with a sexy accent


Alex Turner


10. That bloke who plays Donovan in the Inbetweeners USA – WHO IS HE? WHO WAS THE GENIUS WHO THOUGHT DONOVAN SHOULD BE FIT? (however this not me condoning the Americans ruining a classic)



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