Celebs Go Dating

There’s a new, well new to me, dating show that I completely forgot to mention! The E4 show Celebs Go Dating is back for a second series. Perhaps, I am growing up, but E4 is just full of shite. All the shows I’ve seen on their recently is just dire. Rich Kids of Instagram is particularly bad.


Joey Essex


How dumb is Joey Essex?

The first go had Stephanie Pratt (yawn!), Charlotte Crosby, and Joey Essex all have their fair share at dating the general public. Quick Q alert; is Joey Essex one of the dumbest or one of the smartest people alive? The world may never know… There is great debate surrounding this topic, but the answer is inconclusive.


Charlotte Crosby


I think my friend played it for me. However, the details about their dating escape me. Anyway, the general premise that these top notch celebrities go dating with the great unwashed. We all know about how the elect loves to hate the hoi paloi. I SHOULD KNOW I AM A MEMBER! We can barely tolerate you twats, let alone go dating with you. However, we do and we must. If we didn’t date you, it’d get a little First World War Era Royal Families, if you get what I mean….

Daphne X