The beef is over in the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Rob Kardashian and his sisters have made up! However, there was doubt that they ever fell out in the first place. You see, Rob started going out with this lady Blac Chyna. His sister, Kim was best friends with her, but then Kylie started going out with Tyga, also known as the father of Blac’s baby, so Kim, out of respect stopped being friends with her. Rob did not abide by this rule, because it’s a dumb rule.


Rob Kardashian


Again, not meaning to past judgement, but has this woman killed someone? No, she just once thought it be nice to have a family. That family fell apart, for whatever reason, probably for the best and then she decided to move on. It’s not his fault that Tyga dates children who don’t have the maturity to deal with situations such as these. Surely, Tyga and Blac need to see each other for the sake of the child? Or does Tyga feel reluctant to see his own biological kid because he’s found another one in the shape of Ms Kylie Jenner?


Kim Kardashian


Sorry for the bitchy tone and honestly, I don’t care that much, but this my two cents on the matter. It needed to be said, and published on the world wide web.