Safety Tips when using Online Dating Sites

Whether you choose to use paid membership dating sites or free dating sites, there are several precautions which should be taken in order to ensure that you remain safe. Even the most secure, well-monitored online dating sites can fall foul of unscrupulous individuals who aim to take advantage of genuine members. Look out for any discrepancies in profiles which you come across, such as a photograph which does not seem to match the member’s age or profile info or claims within the profiles which seem wild or exaggerated.


Report any aduse when using online dating sites


Once you begin to communicate with a member, never give them personal information such as your address or phone number until you have met a few times in person and have judged them to be genuine and trustworthy and at least for the first few dates, meet in a busy venue during daylight hours and tell friends and family of your plans. Never reveal your bank details to other members on dating sites and definitely never send cash to any member, no matter how well you feel you know them, or how plausible their need seems. Furthermore, always report any false or suspicious profiles to the site administrators, as well as any abusive or inappropriate behaviour.


Keep your personal details private using online dating sites


Once these basic precautions have been taken, prepare to have fun and find love with a fantastic dating site such as ours. When you put safety first, you can be assured of a positive and powerful experience with online dating sites.


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Are Online Dating Sites the Future?

Ever tried your luck on dating sites? No success? Did not find your prince charming or the girl of your dreams? Well there has been a revelation on the dating scene that celebrities have been giving the whole online route a go. They aimed to catch themselves a keeper the modern way. Maybe one will choose this very fine dating website to find an other half? Studies show that more of us young people are resorting to the interweb to search one out.


Chace Crawford


The celebrities include Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford, Pirates Of The Caribbean star Orlando Bloom and funny gal old timer Joan Rivers have all dabbled in a bit of online dating. Is it really so wrong? Everyone needs somebody to love once in awhile. Modern times can only make the ritual a little easier.


Orlando Bloom


However, some debate that dating the old fashioned way of getting drunk in pubs is the best way of finding The One, some people are looking for way less mortifying method. Love will always be mortifying won’t it? If it’s via text message, email or instant messaging, it always is a bit cringe. Let’s not dress it up and pretend is it anything else than a big old mess.


Daphne X


The Benefits of Paid and Free Dating Sites

Despite the fact that there are more paid and free dating sites than ever before, some people are still sceptical. How can you possibly find that special someone, they think, by searching online? Surely it’s far better to get out there and search for The One in person? Well, not always, and here are just a few benefits of online dating to prove it.


• It’s convenient. With many of us leading incredibly fast-paced lifestyles there’s far less time to do things for ourselves. Finding opportunities to actually get out there and meet people can be few and far between, but online dating sites avoid this – we can find dates at our leisure and without having to leave the house, offering far more chance that we’ll actually meet someone.


The Benefits of Online Dating Sites


• It’s hard to meet people in “usual” situations. People don’t often form lasting relationships when they meet in clubs and bars, and the dream of eyes meeting over the crowds in a coffee shop rarely becomes a reality. Times are changing, and having a new way to meet someone is always advantageous.


• It’s much less stressful. The first few conversations with someone can be incredibly awkward, and what about that first date? If it doesn’t go well then time can be wasted and stress can be through the roof. But, with subscription and free dating sites you get the chance to vet people before you actually meet them, hopefully saving a great deal of time and hassle.


These are just a few benefits, and as you can see it’s really worth giving it a go. Why not see for yourself? If you’re looking for online dating sites you’ve come to the right place, so take a look around and see what (or who) you can find.


Tips for online dating sites

Online dating is something that people are enjoying more and more in UK these days. There are several websites offering online services for singles. If you spend some time on Internet, you can easily find online dating sites offering services in Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Brighton and other major cities. After you find the most suitable site, you need to sign up, usually for free and only then you can start your search for your perfect date.


tips for online dating sites


Online dating, being an enjoyable activity, it also has some risks associated with it. It is always better to follow some simple safety rules, it is better to be safe than sorry. When you start contacting new people from dating websites it is better to keep the contact limited to only emails or online messages for a while, until you get to know about them a little more. In the beginning, try to get as much information as possible about them. Ask them questions about their life, what they do, what they like and so on. Never schedule a meeting too early, at least not until you know your potential date a bit better.

Before meeting that person face to face, it is better to talk with them on phone. Telephone conversations give you a chance to get more information about the person, you can then gauge better if you wish to actually go dating with this person.

Arrange for the meeting at a public place, such as a coffee shop, good restaurant, popular bar, etc. A place that you know or where you are known would be the best choice. Moreover, never fix the first meeting for night time. Always let someone know your plans and contact them after your date to let them know that you are safe and well. After the meeting, think well about the person and how you felt about them. Make a thorough analysis, and decide if you would like to meet that person again. If you arrange a second date, it should again be in a place with lots of people. After you establish more confidence and feel more confident with your date, you can start a normal dating routine making the experience more fun for both of you.


Benefits Of Online Dating Sites

It can be argued that in many ways, online dating is a more practical and effective way of finding a potential partner. You can most definitely fall in love online and in many cases, establish a relationship which lasts longer than one founded on a random meeting in the outside world. Online dating sites allow you to create a foundation in friendship and common interests before you decide to take the natural step and progress towards a meeting.


Benefits Of Online Dating Sites


Furthermore, dating online allows you to express yourself and your personality; communicating effectively and warmly with potential partners in a manner which is perhaps more honest and open than in possible in bars, clubs and social venues where visual interpersonal stimuli and environmental factors can sometimes camouflage and obscure honest intentions. Online dating sites allow you to flirt, joke, jest, empathise and bond with a potential partner relatively quickly without the pressure of moving onto the next stage until both partners are ready.


Benefits Of Dating Sites


Furthermore, any interested parties who do not meet your requirements can be avoided in a polite and sympathetic manner with no associated feelings of guilt or awkwardness. You can focus on the people who interest you and get to know them and bond with them in a safe and secure environment where love blossoms continually, twenty four seven. At Dating for Girls we want your dating experience to be positive and enjoyable and with thousands of potential partners of all ages and tastes on our books, we are confident that you will not require our services for long, just remember to invite us to the wedding when it happens!


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Interesting Places to Romance Your Potential Partner

If you have arranged a date with one of our dating sites members then you may wish to take them somewhere special to really make an impression.


There are, of course, limitless possibilities for you and our other online dating sites members to enjoy; however, this will be something you will want to get right so you should ensure you choose wisely. Here are few possible places you may wish to take your potential new love.


– A restaurant. If you are meeting during the evening then wining and dining your dating site partner may be the best way to win their heart. By taking your potential partner for dinner then this allows you to converse in an intimate, yet public, setting whilst enjoying good food and drink.


– A museum. If your potential partner enjoys history then you could consider taking them to a museum. This could provide you with numerous things to talk about and will prove to them you have taken an interest in their hobbies and passions.


– Cycling. If your love interest leads an active and sporty lifestyle then you should consider taking them cycling. This will allow you both to share an interest whilst enjoying each other’s company.


– A picnic. Picnics are ideal for romancing a potential partner on a sunny day. They also allow you to get to know each other without the noises of a busy restaurant, whilst remaining in a public place, and allows you both to pay all your attention to each other. However, remember to check the weather forecast on the day of the picnic, and ensure you cater for your dinner partner in case they are a vegetarian.


There are a wide range of activities for you and your date to do, so think carefully about their hobbies and commitments before you decide. Here at Dating for Girls we can help you choose from a wide range of potential partners so why not sign-up for free and take a look around, what have you got to loose!


America’s Next Top Model Whitney Thompson Launching a Plus-Size Dating Site

Former America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson has launched a niche dating site especially for plus-size women. Called ‘The Big and the Beautiful’. Thompson got the idea after becoming fed up with her own struggles to find a date online.


Personal Struggles


Thompson, 24, tells the New York Post of her own personal struggles with online dating sites. ‘I would call myself a “plus-sized model”… guys would expect me to be a really big girl,’ she tells the newspaper. ‘But if I said: “I’m a model”, they were disappointed that I’m bigger. Either way, I wasn’t what the guy was looking for.’



Whitney Thompson



Women will pay $40 a month to find love on the new dating site.

In another interview Thompson tells celebrity website Radar Online: ‘I created this site so people don’t have to stress over their profile, but can focus on the fun and excitement of meeting and dating other incredible people of all shapes and sizes.’ To which Thompson adds, ‘Curvy girls like sex, too.’

She says: ‘I created this site for real women with real curves looking for real pleasure.’ and added
‘Unlike other dating sites where members feel pressured to fit a certain mould, posting older ‘flattering’ pictures or even lying on their dating profiles, everyone here has the freedom to be their true selves’.



The Big and the Beautiful



The team at Dating for Girls wish Whitney every success with her new venture.


Rules for Online Dating

The internet has become the perfect place for online dating. A way for single people to meet other singletons that may share the same common interests and hobbies. If you are considering online dating. Then there are a few aspects that you must consider prior to joining a dating website.


You must always think about your safety and protect yourself. When using the internet in the first instance. You need to ensure that your computer or laptop is fully protected against any viruses. That pose a threat to the hardware and information stored in your computer. Ensure that you have an anti-virus programme and that you have installed all the latest security updates.



Rules for Online Dating



Safety should always come first


Then you need to ensure that you protect yourself from spammers. Which could pose a threat of identity theft or try to scam money from you. Do not give anyone any personal information about yourself. Unless you are completely certain that the information will not be misused. If anyone asks you for money they are a spammer – there are no ifs or buts in this situation. They are trying to con you! Please beware, never, ever send any money and report the member immediately. If you are an old hand at online dating sites then you will know all this. However, if you are a first timer then this is how it works.


Take your time when you meet someone new, as rushing into anything is not a good idea. If you are meeting up, be sensible. Always meet in a public place. Tell a friend about your plans and always phone them afterwards to let them know you are safe.


Only share relevant information with the person you have chosen. Such as your interests and hobbies. As this kind of communication can lead to a budding friendship or relationship.


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Five top tips for dating

Anyone that you speak to will say that dating is not always easy and first dates can be a little awkward. However, do not let the stress put you off enjoying yourself. If you are indecisive or shy, dating can be especially tricky, but remember that there are thousands of people who feel just the way you do.

Dating can be difficult; it is hard to meet someone that you know you share common interests with. However, online dating sites can be a great way to decide between potential partners.



top tips for dating



Top Dating Tips


– Try to look your best when meeting your date and always be punctual. First impressions count and although you should never judge a book by its cover, this does happen regardless

– Compliment your date, this always goes down well, as flattery makes everyone feel good about themselves

– Try to enjoy yourself and be interesting, no one likes to be thought of as boring

– Be a good listener, but also talk about yourself and your interests, but ensure that there is a happy medium

– Only choose to date someone because you are attracted to them, not because of peer pressure


If you find the idea of dating websites appealing, try Dating for Girls, where we can help you find the perfect date.