Meghan is dating Harry so get over it!

For the love of god, can we stop, as a human race, a species if you will. Stop hurling ignorant, racist crap at Meghan Markle? Meghan Markle is top.

The only thing that would suggest a bit of a head check is her decision to be dating, and now ENGAGED to a prince (a ginger prince none the less, but let’s not get hair colourist here).





That lady from UKIP, the one who’s sanity I already question for shagging Henry Bolton and being a member of UKIP, was texting her friend all kinds of colourful crap about Meghan. Yes, she’s dating in the royal family, but you are properly and definitely scum for being a racist.

I don’t want to lessen the horror of the situation, but pointing out jealousy. Is she jealous that she’s a fine piece of ass, smart as fuck and that she’s stuck dating a poor man’s Nigel Farage? Though, who would want to go dating with a rich man’s Nigel Farage? Which one can only assume is Nigel Farage, the actual one.

Anyway, UKIP is trash and Meghan is great. Stop being racist, and don’t say the N word. Also, don’t be in UKIP. UKIP is dead anyway. What are their policies now, apart from revoking the smoking ban?

Daphne X



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engaged!

Prince Harry is engaged, if you didn’t know. The only way you couldn’t know is that if you were living under a rock in the desert, after you died, a horrible tragic death.





Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating, for some time now. I don’t know how long they have been dating. Who am I to judge?


I’m just happy that it has been the end of the Pippa and Harry fan fiction inspired dating rumours. HOWEVER, I recently read the Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. And if he is anything like his father, he could be still be meeting Pippa behind Meghan’s back.


Meghan is fabulous


However, unlike his father, Harry looks like he has more than four brain cells, so I really highly doubt that will happen. Meghan looks like a lovely lady, and Pippa just offers you shitty party tips, that no one asked for.





Anyway, Meghan is fabulous. She makes speeches at the UN. She is a big fat Hillary Clinton fan. Also, she has a tattoo of an arrow on the back of her neck, which inspired my best friend to get a tattoo on the back of her neck, which is funny. Mainly, because it’s a terrible tattoo.


Daphne X