James Arthur gets Number One in Dating Charts

James Arthur proves he’s got the X Factor in dating too! The victorious talent show winner James has been spotted on a romantic evening with ex Made in Chelsea drama sparker Kimberley Garner. They were rumored to have been seen on a dinner and a walk around the nation’s glamorous capital. This must have been another extra special additions to James’ already star studded December.


James Arthur


However Kimberley has been portrayed on TV is not always positive. She was seen a two faced and a two timing hussie while her stint on the posh Monday night programme. Regular Cheska Hull accused her of dating two men at once. However isn’t this behaviour celebrated among men on the show? Can’t this be the same among women in the original Royal Borough?


Kimberley Garner


Anyway the singer tweeted that his day had been an extremely good one? Did the posh gal put a smile on the sexy singer’s face? Maybe they’ll be spending the holiday season together. Imagine that all cosy searching for presents under the Christmas tree. This is a time of year when dating and romance is more common. The addition of mistletoe alone is reason for the increase in kissing and cuddling.


Daphne X



Spencer and Khloe No More

The Bachelor proves again that it does not guarantee true love yet again. Winner Khloe Evans was spotted making out with The Only Way Is Essex star Tom Pearce on a wild night out in Essex. Spencer Mathews was nowhere to be seen! The Made In Chelsea star tried his luck in love and dating on the Channel Five show and picked Khole to be his answer to fixing his singleton status. He has disappeared from the spotlight post his stint on both television programmes.


Khloe Evans


This is unfortunate because Spencer has been very unsuccessful in a lot of his bids to win his true love. He very publicly declared his love for friend and ex co star Caggie Dunlop. Their lust for each other quickly fizzled out. He then tried competing for the attention with his best friend Jamie Laing for Louise Thompson. They finally got together while on holiday in Dubai. They could not manage dating after a few episodes.


Spencer Mathews


Good luck to Spencer to finding his new lucky girl. Let’s hope it gets posted all over the internet so we can keep updated with his prowlness over London society’s finest women. Or maybe he’ll go down a few social groups?


Daphne X