Spencer Mathews is penning a love story

How do you turn to for love advice? Me? Your mum? Your friends? None of those? Well if you are looking for a fresh perspective on love and dating you are in luck, boys and girls. Spencer Mathews from Made in Chelsea is coming out with a book on his views on the very constantly contemporary subject. This news isn’t something that has sparked major interest in the industry. Spencer’s mantra with dating has seemed to be quantity over quality. He has had limited success.


Spencer Matthews


Spencer is currently dating his reality television costar Louise Thompson. They have dated on and off for a few years now. On the show the others on the show are always calling him out for being a bad boyfriend. Before reuniting with Louise, Spencer appeared on the Channel Five show The Bachelor. His relationship with the winner, Khloe was extremely short lived. Prior to this, he pinned after Caggie Dunlop, also of Made in Chelsea fame. She left the show in order to pursue a music career. By the way, we are all waiting for that hit single, Cags.


Louise Thompson


Well anyway, the dating world can now rejoice and be a better place because of Spencer Mathews


Daphne X