What is going on?

I don’t know if its just me, but there really seems to be a lack of dramatic dating stories from A list celebrities. A list celebrities seem to throwing shade at each other’s ex boyfriends and girlfriends. I just miss the old days of salty past lovers. Like Kris Whats His Name, who was married to … [Read more...]

Kanye West has been hospitalised for exhaustion

Kanye West, after a very explosive concert, has been admitted to hospital. The reason cited to the general public was exhausted and sleep deprivation. This is, perhaps, in response to a fiery rant at one of his gigs. He went off on one at Beyonce and Jay-Z, and to top it off, announced, not only did … [Read more...]

Kim K has disappeared

Alright, maybe she hasn’t. Maybe she is just recovering from the brutal attack on her security and wealth at Paris Fashion Week. As you will all know, Mrs Kardashian West was held up at gun point and robbed in her hotel room. This shocked a considerable amount of folk; fans, her haters and mostly my … [Read more...]

Kimmy Kardashian back at it again

Kim Kardashian West, as any dedicated viewer of her excellent reality television programme will tell you, is a proud Armenian. Her father’s family descended from wealthy Armenian refugees. On one episode, they visited their motherland and, I shit you not, got an arrival worthy of the Messiah that … [Read more...]

Karlie Kloss Klaps Back

Karlie Kloss, the long time BFF of Taylor Swift and supermodel extraordinaire, takes no prisoners and she wants everyone in the world to know that. Following on from the Swift/Kardashian/West Snapchat feud (oh my days, has there been a more 2016 sentence? No, I don’t think so), a journalist asked … [Read more...]

Kim and Kanye have made it two years!

How, you might be asking? The answer to that question will not be found on this blog. However, it will be explored. See, I am with you. I don’t understand how they could be so happy dating.       See, they both are such big egos that it begs the question, HOW DO THEY … [Read more...]

The beef is over in the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Rob Kardashian and his sisters have made up! However, there was doubt that they ever fell out in the first place. You see, Rob started going out with this lady Blac Chyna. His sister, Kim was best friends with her, but then Kylie started going out with Tyga, also known as the father of Blac’s baby, … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian is giving the world her time again

Kim Kardashian is back on the prowl. The reality star that divides the opinion of the world is back on the Hollywood social scene. Well that might be a little bit of a exaggeration but she was spotted with Kanye West, her long term boyfriend and father of her daughter North. She was wearing a sage … [Read more...]

Matchmaker Daphne Is Here!

I have had the best idea. Do you want to hear it? If so please keep reading this dating sites blog. Well here it is…   NORTH WEST AND HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE GEORGE WINDSOR OF CAMBRIDGE SHOULD TOTALLY GET MARRIED! I mean they are both around the same age and both understand living … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian’s baby name revealed, you what?

So Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby name has been revealed. They have called their kid North, yes as in North West, first name North, last name West. In my opinion, this should be registered as child abuse. If they lived in the UK, the NSPCC should be heading round their ends and question the … [Read more...]