What is going on?

I don’t know if its just me, but there really seems to be a lack of dramatic dating stories from A list celebrities. A list celebrities seem to throwing shade at each other’s ex boyfriends and girlfriends. I just miss the old days of salty past lovers. Like Kris Whats His Name, who was married to Kim Kardashian for a whopping 72 days, throwing out insults via Twitter.


Chris Martin


There’s loads of lower tier celebrities, those who feel their career is dying so they go on Big Brother, doing that. Those dating life stories are so boring to me. If you’ve shagged someone from an MTV reality TV show, you’re so beyond the valley of the lame. You aren’t Kim Kardashian, so therefore no one will be interested in your dating life. It’s just fact.


Gwyneth Paltrow


But, there is a real drought of nasty A list divorces. WHERE ARE THE PUNCHES BEING BANGED OUT? The angelic side of me knows this is amazing. It’s great that people are following Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and being civil. However, the satanic side of me, is cursing batman about the increase of PR darlings and publicists. All working on overdrive to stop any sort of dating madness from taking place.


Kanye West has been hospitalised for exhaustion

Kanye West, after a very explosive concert, has been admitted to hospital. The reason cited to the general public was exhausted and sleep deprivation. This is, perhaps, in response to a fiery rant at one of his gigs. He went off on one at Beyonce and Jay-Z, and to top it off, announced, not only did he not vote, but if he had, it would have been for Trump. Or maybe it is all down to dating, now marriage with Kim Kardashian!


Kim Kardashian


His reasons for his thought was that America will forever be racist and we just need to deal with it. Ermmm, what? Forgive my confusion, as I am a white girl, with no experience of racism, but huh? His fan base clearly felt betrayed. However, his mental health issues, which came to public surface, may have explained his rant.



Kanye West


Kanye is no stranger to a rant. He is forever going on TV and raving all about something or the other. Mainly, its about how he is the world’s greatest rock star, the world’s greatest artist or denouncing alleged rape victims. It’s pretty much normal. As a world, we’re pretty used to it. Maybe, it’s a symptom of something more serious and we should lay off, or he is a complete utter twat.


Kim K has disappeared

Alright, maybe she hasn’t. Maybe she is just recovering from the brutal attack on her security and wealth at Paris Fashion Week. As you will all know, Mrs Kardashian West was held up at gun point and robbed in her hotel room. This shocked a considerable amount of folk; fans, her haters and mostly my flat mate. She, genuinely, texted me when it happened, like it had happened to someone we know… As horrible as it was, I really ought not be alerted as if she is one of my nearest and dearest. However, this is a point for her, and not for you my faithful readership.


Kim Kardashian


Anyway, this has led to many different opinions. Some shocking and some considerate. A Halloween costume has popped up, spoofing the event. Karl Lagerfeld said that she should stop flaunting her wealth on her various social media platforms. This bloke is her friend…. However, if you expect Karl Lagerfeld to be a compassionate sook, well your on the wrong planet. It’s not okay, but hardly surprising.


Karl Lagerfeld


She has been spotted out and about in Hollywood. She was spotted getting lunch with a pal. She did, however, look goddamn scared and not really up for life. She was decked on in black workout gear.


Kimmy Kardashian back at it again

Kim Kardashian West, as any dedicated viewer of her excellent reality television programme will tell you, is a proud Armenian. Her father’s family descended from wealthy Armenian refugees. On one episode, they visited their motherland and, I shit you not, got an arrival worthy of the Messiah that Kanye West thinks he is.


Kim Kardashian


Anyway, one of the causes the Kardashian sisters like to champion is the international recognition of the 1915 Armenian genocide. This is largely denied to have ever taken place by various countries, such as Turkey, the perpetrators. Recently, a advert ran, promoting the idea of the genocide being a lie, in the Washington Post. This enraged KKW to no end, and rightly so.

Due her vast resources, she was able to take out a counter ad and basically take the Washington Post to task on the advertisements it selected to run; a check yourself before you wreck yourself kinda message.


Kanye West


When she does things like this, I really rate her. Then, she does a million other foolish things that make me go “WHY KIMMY?” However, she is multimillionaire and doesn’t care what I think. And for that, I rate her even more.


Karlie Kloss Klaps Back

Karlie Kloss, the long time BFF of Taylor Swift and supermodel extraordinaire, takes no prisoners and she wants everyone in the world to know that. Following on from the Swift/Kardashian/West Snapchat feud (oh my days, has there been a more 2016 sentence? No, I don’t think so), a journalist asked Kloss’ opinion on Kimmy. Her answer was fairly favourable, because she seems like a good egg. The article was then twisted into a whole thing. It started rumours churning about the end of the Swift-Kloss friendship.


Karlie Kloss


She fired back promptly and said there was nothing wrong with her relationship with Swifty. I must say, it must be hard to be a model now with a split in the pop culture world. Kim and Kanye are such powerhouses in both the music and fashion world. They have real sway. Designers fall at their feet. I hardly think Kloss will be conscripted into the Balmain army, for example. That battalion is made up of fellow supermodels such as Jourdan Dunn, Alessandria Ambrosio, Joan Smalls, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.


Taylor Swift


Though, let’s not feel too sorry for Klossy. The girl has a strong modelling career, cookie business and she’s studying for a degree at New York University in coding.


Kim and Kanye have made it two years!

How, you might be asking? The answer to that question will not be found on this blog. However, it will be explored. See, I am with you. I don’t understand how they could be so happy dating.


Kim Kardashian



See, they both are such big egos that it begs the question, HOW DO THEY FIT INTO THE SAME ABODE? Seriously, I love them to death and they are in my top ten of my problematic favs. Their problematic levels cannot be understated. Kanye discredits all of Bill Cosby’s victims of sexual assaults. This is unforgivable. However, you cannot help but be like is this person okay? He goes on telly, The Ellen Show, to be exact, and preaches for seven straight minutes about how his ideas are going to change the world… Mate, no. Yes, I understand and appreciate your passion, but that is such a flawed idea. Anyone’s ideas could change the world. Or, is his approach to get everyone to ask Mark Zuckerburg for 53 million dollars? If so, Mark, I too have some life changing ideas that need to be materialised.


Kanye West


Kim, I’m still yet to work out her out. My opinion on her changes daily, hourly, sometimes. What can I say, I’m fickle as hell.


The beef is over in the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Rob Kardashian and his sisters have made up! However, there was doubt that they ever fell out in the first place. You see, Rob started going out with this lady Blac Chyna. His sister, Kim was best friends with her, but then Kylie started going out with Tyga, also known as the father of Blac’s baby, so Kim, out of respect stopped being friends with her. Rob did not abide by this rule, because it’s a dumb rule.


Rob Kardashian


Again, not meaning to past judgement, but has this woman killed someone? No, she just once thought it be nice to have a family. That family fell apart, for whatever reason, probably for the best and then she decided to move on. It’s not his fault that Tyga dates children who don’t have the maturity to deal with situations such as these. Surely, Tyga and Blac need to see each other for the sake of the child? Or does Tyga feel reluctant to see his own biological kid because he’s found another one in the shape of Ms Kylie Jenner?


Kim Kardashian


Sorry for the bitchy tone and honestly, I don’t care that much, but this my two cents on the matter. It needed to be said, and published on the world wide web.


Kim Kardashian is giving the world her time again

Kim Kardashian is back on the prowl. The reality star that divides the opinion of the world is back on the Hollywood social scene. Well that might be a little bit of a exaggeration but she was spotted with Kanye West, her long term boyfriend and father of her daughter North. She was wearing a sage green bodycon dress, which has further fueled speculation of her bum implants. This rumor stems from a source close to me.


Kim Kardashian


I’m sorry I have to comment on her hair, I have kept my peace for too long. LADY YOU DON’T SUIT BLONDE. You actually were really pretty before you bleached your hair. I mean you sort of have to be pretty to have a career as successful as yours with little actual output into the world. Go back to your dark hair, which was kinda way too long but that is not really relevant.


Kanye West


Blonde hair is well hard to maintain and she ain’t even doing a good job. I mean it’s a big commitment and she has other commitments, including raising a daughter and protecting her from the bullying she is going to get when she enters into social circles such as school due to her dumb ass parents and novelty name.


Daphne X


Matchmaker Daphne Is Here!

I have had the best idea. Do you want to hear it? If so please keep reading this dating sites blog. Well here it is…


NORTH WEST AND HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE GEORGE WINDSOR OF CAMBRIDGE SHOULD TOTALLY GET MARRIED! I mean they are both around the same age and both understand living unfairly in the limelight due to having famous parents. They both have parents that severely divide opinion.


Kate Middleton and Baby Prince George


Due to baby mania going on, people like BBC Royal Editor Nicholas Witchall are always banging on about the monarchy getting modernized. I really don’t see anything more modern than the ghetto fab princess of America joining the British royal court. I mean lets look at her pedigree for starters. Her mother is Kim Kardashian and her father is Kanye West. They are connected to severe royalty like Beyoncé and Jay Z. Think of the happiness it would bring to the American people. IMAGINE THE DOLLAR SIGNS IN KRIS JENNER’S EYES FOR THAT UNION!


Kim Kardashian and Baby North West


Well if that relationship doesn’t work, George could always be matched with Blue Ivy Carter or Penelope Disick. Let’s not box the wee bubba in. I mean the dude is only a few days old.


Daphne X


Kim Kardashian’s baby name revealed, you what?

So Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby name has been revealed. They have called their kid North, yes as in North West, first name North, last name West. In my opinion, this should be registered as child abuse. If they lived in the UK, the NSPCC should be heading round their ends and question the evil, evil, evil parents and making them fully aware of the shit they set their kid to receive at school.


Kim Kardashian


THIS IS FULL CONFIRMATION KIM KARDASHIAN IS AN IDIOT. I mean before hand I thought, right she’s just a girl trying to take advantage of the fame game. I mean who would not try to make as much as money out of doing not a lot, an area of society that Kim and her family has mastered. Now I truly believe Kim Kardashian is a certified and straight up dickhead.


Kanye West


I’m not really surprised about North “Nori” West’s father. Kanye West was always one. I mean he was so rude to our site’s favourite Taylor Swift at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Tay Tay may have forgiven him but I am yet to be convinced he is truly sorry because lets face it, he probably isn’t.


Daphne X