Celebs Go Dating

There’s a new, well new to me, dating show that I completely forgot to mention! The E4 show Celebs Go Dating is back for a second series. Perhaps, I am growing up, but E4 is just full of shite. All the shows I’ve seen on their recently is just dire. Rich Kids of Instagram is particularly bad.


Joey Essex


How dumb is Joey Essex?

The first go had Stephanie Pratt (yawn!), Charlotte Crosby, and Joey Essex all have their fair share at dating the general public. Quick Q alert; is Joey Essex one of the dumbest or one of the smartest people alive? The world may never know… There is great debate surrounding this topic, but the answer is inconclusive.


Charlotte Crosby


I think my friend played it for me. However, the details about their dating escape me. Anyway, the general premise that these top notch celebrities go dating with the great unwashed. We all know about how the elect loves to hate the hoi paloi. I SHOULD KNOW I AM A MEMBER! We can barely tolerate you twats, let alone go dating with you. However, we do and we must. If we didn’t date you, it’d get a little First World War Era Royal Families, if you get what I mean….

Daphne X



Joey Essex and Sam Faiers no longer dating

Joey Essex and Sam Faiers have removed all chances of a reunion after they split up and called off their pending nuptials. They revealed this on the season finale of the hit ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex as they squabbled during Carol and Big Mark Wright’s renewal of their vows. Joey told Sam that he felt happier now they were no longer dating


Joey Essex


This must be a sad revelation for all those involved. I include the viewers of the successful television show, as they are the ones who have watched their romance blossom. Joey was always a nostalgic old romantic from the beginning because on their first date he took Sam on a bicycle ride down memory lane. It was such TV gold as it was a hilarious trip to the tip because that was where Joey had spent many a day playing as child. Sam was not the least bit impressed at all but Mr Essex did have his heart in the right place.


Sam Faiers


I feel sorry for anyone that has to find love in Brentwood purely for the fact that you are either related to them or everyone you know has apparently already shagged them and has a long complicated dating history with them, it seems.


Daphne X


The Only Way Is Dating Your Way Up The Ratings

The hit ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex is very loved up at the moment. Main couples include Joey Essex and Sam Faeirs, James ‘Arg’ Argent and Gemma Collins. Soon enough wedding bells will chime as duo Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone committed fully with their dating and became engaged on a one off special The Only Way Is Marbs, which was filmed on location on Spanish island Marbella.


Sam Faeirs


The dating drama is partly what fills the twice weekly soap/reality programme. Lydia Rose Bright and Arg come to verbal blows about their past dating relationship. Both have moved on and are dating new partners. Lydia now snuggles at night with Tom Kibley, ex of Billi Mucklow, another cast member. Lauren Goodger is moving on from ex fiancée and infamous Essex lothario Mark Wright with cheeky chappy Tom Pierce.


Joey Essex


Are you keeping up? No? Is this not making any plausible sense to your little brain? Well you should tune into the very popular and successful television show or you should purchase the box set DVDs online. They retail quite cheaply and are a good watch to giggle over again and again. They never get old and the tans never fade.


Daphne X