Taylor Swift back in the dating game

Appaz, the word on the grape vine, Taylor Swift is dating some bloke called Joe Alwyn. JA, as I’m going to refer to him from now, until I forget, is seemingly presenting himself as an actor. I’ve got no clue as if this is an accurate title. WHO AM I TO JUDGE? Oh just a member of the established press. He need to make an impression on me, before he does anything. I make people like him.


Joe Alwyn


Dating In Secret

Anyway, to keep their dating a secret, lots of measures were put in the place. OH WELL, THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG NOW, INNIT? I won’t be juvenile and point out that she might write ten thousand songs about him.


Taylor Swift


Anyway, T Swizzle is one of the people, like Pippa and Justin, who’s dating life I’ve followed in great detail. Well not great detail, nothing I do on this is in great detail. It’s celebrity dating. IT’S NOT THAT DEEP, INNIT? An album from her is well over due. She is now 3 years maturer since the release of 1989. DON’T LET KIM KARDASHIAN WEST RUIN YOUR CAREER! POST A NUDE SELFIE AND GET ON WITH THE MUSIC!!!!!!

Daphne X