Longoria and Sanchez for the long haul?

Sexy Latino actress Eva Longoria has finally admitted to dating American football player Mark Sanchez. Eva has denied they were dating for a long time now but she finally spilled the beans to Extra host Mario Lopez. She said she and the athlete were ‘fine’ and just getting to know each other. This show aired on Thursday and has shocked viewers.


Eva Longoria


The pair was spotted getting cozy at Mark’s huge pad. The photographs of the two sparked lots of dating rumors throughout Hollywood and the media circuit. It does not take a lot for speculation to stir with the glamorous and famous types.


Eva Longoria has had a very bumpy love life. She was married to NBA basketball player Tony Parker. It was going so well that she added his name to hers. However but that ended in divorce after he fessed up to cheating on the pint size actress. How could anyone do that to beautiful and funny Eva Longoria.


Mark Sanchez


However this union is early days and they look extremely content and cute together. They are still going through the beginning stages of their dating adventure together. Here is hoping they advance their journey as far as it can go.


Daphne X


Forget Breaking Dawn Kirsten Stewart is Breaking Hearts

Uh oh. This fresh off my glorious celebrity dating sources that Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson are no more. The Twilight Saga on/off screen lovers called it quits after it was revealed Stewart had been having an affair with another man. The culprit was 41-year-old director Rupert Sanders. The two worked together on the film Snow White And The Huntsman. The shocking scandal has shook Hollywood to it’s core.


Kirsten Stewart


Sources have confirmed that Pattinson has moved out the mansion they shared together and is taking comfort with his Water For Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon at her ranch. They do not appear to be dating. Rupert Sanders’ martial status is looking shaky even though his wife Liberty Ross has made no public declaration about whenever they are to end their relationship. The couple have two children together.


Robert Pattinson


This could be a career defying move from Kirsten. It could be either very positive or extremely negative. She has lost a lot and will not be hitting the dating scene in the near future. Her reputation has been tarnished by one single encounter. Let’s hope this story ends as happily as possible for every party involved. And that Robert Pattinson finds comfort in everyone’s favourite celebrity dating blogger.


Daphne X

No Wedding Bells for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s prospective wedding is looking rocky. The pair have been dating since they both starred in the 2004 flick Mr and Mrs Smith together. Brad was famously married to Friends and veteran romantic comedy star Jennifer Aniston and left her for Jolie. They since had six children together, an eclectic mix of biological and adopted. However their dating has hit a fork in the road, Pitt’s mother recently spoke out against gay marriage. Jolie, a keen advocate for universal marriage was absolutely horrified and outraged. The wedding may be totally off the cards.


Angelina Jolie


This story raises the question of so many issues. Should we just stick to dating and forget marriage? Should gays be allowed the same rights as straight people? Should the views of our parents and in laws interfere into our love and dating lives? All of these points are valid questions and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Everyone should think long and hard before answering these questions.


Brad Pitt


Anyway here’s to hoping that the Pitt-Jolie fort resolve all their issues and be a happy bunch once again. They are such a diverse and multicultural clan with a beautiful Hollywood dynasty.


Daphne X

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are no more

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have officially divorced. They proved obviously that abiding by the dating rules will keep a celebrity marriage alive. They settled their divorce in the state of New York due to Katie knowing she could get full and sole custody of their five year old daughter Suri Cruise.


Katie Holmes


When Tom Kat first started dating back in 2005, they were very over the top with their affection for one another. Tom proclaimed his undying love for Katie leaping over sofas during a taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show. He ticked all the cliché boxes and proposed to Katie at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the city of love and light.


Tom Cruise


However this proves that following all these dating conventions will not guarantee a successful and happy marriage. Love is not something that can be put down to a formula. Couples that appear to be destined forever are capable of being ripped apart at the seams. True love is a dying art. It is something we need to be able to hold on to. Otherwise I would be out of a job. We would not want that. That would be a horrible thing for the dating blogging scene.

Daphne X

Long Live Lively and her Man.

I have a juicy update my dear celebrity dating news alcoholics! Hollywood’s cutest couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are rumoured to become engaged. Lively, the Gossip Girl star is a huge hit with the Reynolds clan. The pair were spotted being treated to lunch by the hunk’s family. Report’s claim that the dating between Lively and Reynolds is getting very intense indeed. Blake has never felt more comfortable with a man she is dating before.


Blake Lively


With Blake’s television show heading to a dramatic finale next year, maybe she can take time out and plan a wedding worthy of a buzz? Ryan could be a huge help as he has experience with weddings. He was married to screen siren Scarlett Johansson in 2009. Their relatively clean and simple divorce was finalized in 2011. They remained resentment free to each other to this day.


Ryan Reynolds


Anyway these speculations are yet to be confirmed as an authentic story unfortunately at the moment. No official signs of taking their dating relationship up another level but you have to admit Blake and Ryan would produce some of Hollywood’s hottest babies. They would have a DNA selection like no other available to them.


Daphne X


Li-lo and Sam-Ron back on?

Actress Lindsay Lohan and her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson are reportedly not getting back together despite sightings of the pair getting a little friendly in a New York club. The friends of the pair are denying any reports of reuniting and dating.


Lindsay Lohan


They first started dating on and off in 2007. They went through a rough break up in 2009. They are instead attempting to work on having a friendship versus a relationship. People are beginning to speculate that this will not work and feelings with surface that will lead it to become more than expected. This is worry for the two ex lovers. They were dating so passionately for so long and they heart wants what the heart wants.


Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson


Lindsay is also focusing on her career after a very public meltdown with lots of repeated trips to a Los Angeles courthouse for various different charges. She had been seen meeting with Hollywood legend Woody Allen. Perhaps she is to replace Scarlett Johansson as muse to her dynamic director/actor? That would give the actress something to succeed on or possibly tank on? The world does seem to be rooting for the troubled starlet. She will forever be the cute ginger girl from our childhood. The Parent Trap will forever be the defining film of my life.


Daphne X


And they called it puppy love

There is going to be a whole load of broken hearts across the globe. Ex teenage heart hottie Taylor Launter and ex girlfriend Sara Hicks have been spotted around Hollywood on secret dates. Are Hicks and Launter back on and dating again? They were seen out obviously trying to keep a very low profile. They’ve been caught going out for dinner and even attending the circus together!


Taylor Launter


Taylor Launter is most famous for his role as werewolf Jacob Black in the film version of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. The final instalment is due out this November. Taylor’s little black book of dating contains the like of country singer Taylor Swift and 80s musician Phil Collin’s daughter Lily. Sara Hicks is a relative nobody compared to his previous history. She is a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Clippers.


Sara Hicks and Taylor Launter


Though what I do not understand is if they are trying to keep a low profile why are they out and about? I know they should be allowed to roam free as they wish but if you are trying to keep a relationship secret, do not go dating in Tinsel-town. You will get papped and reported on websites exactly like this?


Daphne X


Mila and Ashton Rumoured to be Dating

Rumours are flying around the Hollywood circuit that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have become an item. The pair have turned their long-term friendship into something hot. Serious dating is not conceivable but a little hot and heavy fling is what the press is speculating.


Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher met on the set of That 70’s Show. They played love interests for a large part of the show. Kunis’ role was the high school Queen Bee Jackie and Ashton playing the loveable fool Michael Kelso. Their dating relationship was a major storyline for the development of the show. Both actors went on to have a substantial acting career. Kutcher and Kunis have a string of romantic comedies under their belt. Mila Kunis branched out into more serious ground breaking material. She had the supporting role to Natalie Portman’s Oscar winning role in the 2010 film The Black Swan.


Ashton Kutcher


Kunis’ people deny that they are dating. Kunis labelled the accusation as ‘absurd’ but let’s not pretend for one second that authentic fledging couples are always flaunting their love. When celebrity couples are too in your face, the media begins to question their love. Anyone else immediately think of most celebrity couples?


Daphne X


Miley Cyrus gives the parent’s the ultimate shock

Is teen star Miley Cyrus turning dating Aussie hottie Liam Hemsworth into marrying Aussie Liam Hemsworth? The Hannah Montana star was spotted on Saturday night sporting a big sparkler on her ring finger? This would not be the first scandal the ex queen of teeny bopper’s has caused. She has been photographed in countless less than flattering lights. The incidents range from home photography to the world famous Annie Lebovitz.


Miley Cyrus


The singer denies all reports of marriage. She took to her Twitter page to do so. She claimed that the media take everything they can and make a story. However this is a story that needed no prompting from a ring. Miley Cyrus has been dating 22 year old Liam Hemsworth off and on again for a long time now and reports have flown around the Los Angeles circuit that she would love one day to put a ring on Hemsworth.


Liam Hemsworth


However this does seem to be in the long term dating future versus the short term. Maybe she wants to discover herself first, go to university or just smoke some more salvia out of a bong? You never know with young hot Hollywood stars. They always surprise you. They are a wild bunch.

Daphne X

KK + KW 4 eva?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially an item. The two are dating after years of being exclusively in the ‘friend’ zone. The media mogul/reality television star and rapper/pop culture phenomenon are taking it slow and keeping their dating life top secret. Kim Kardashian was reluctant to answer questions in a recent American TV interview about her relationship with the hip hop star.


Kim Kardashian


Maybe this is because her last high profile dating adventure ended in such turmoil? Her 72 day marriage to basket baller Kris Humphries was one of 2011’s hot scandalous topics. The wedding was broadcast in a two specials on E! News Network. Both parts lasted two hours. They showed Kim and Kris planning and going through with the wedding despite jitters and criticisms from family members. Maybe she should have listened to both of those aspects? Kanye West has written song lyrics confessing his undying love to the Armenian-American beauty.


Kanye West


The two high profile celebrities seem to be happy together. Hollywood has a nasty habit of producing great couples and then ripping them apart with things like magazine rumours, busy schedules and conflicting projects. Here is to hoping that both parties involved are extremely happy together.

Daphne X