The election is a coming!

If you are a Donald Trump supporter, you’re an idiot and have been told by your faithful leader to vote on the 28th. He is correct. That is the day votes for him are being counted and verified. Hillary Clinton supporters are expected to turn out on the 8th of November. This day, it will only be possible to vote for her, no one else.


Donald Trump


If you intend to vote for Jill Stein or the other bloke, you’re an idiot and should not be entitled to call yourself an adult. Seriously, this a really under addressed issue! Third and fourth party voters are letting the side down. If you desire to keep that orangutan out of the highest office in the world, please don’t vote for them. If you care about young people, minorities, women and the environment, don’t vote Green. Vote for someone who can actually bring that to be.


Hillary Clinton


However, knowing my editor and publishing team, this will be published after the election. If Trump has won, can you please come and rescue me from the tower he’s locked me in, after he declared himself leader of the world and banned any comparisons to apes, past, present and future.