William and Kate a Royal Affair

William and Kate are rumoured to have a crazy sporty dating life. Speculations include playing miniature golf with little brother Harry. Harry is rumoured to be a bad sport when Kate gets her holes in ones during play. Though it is all in Windsor family good fun. It never gets too dramatic. They always make up and enjoy an ice cream float afterwards. Harry is rumoured to love a cheeky bit of rum in his.


Kate Middleton


Wills and Kate enjoyed hitting up British sporting events this summer such as the Olympics, Queens and Wimbledon tennis tournaments. Maybe you and your other half should spectate at local sports events. Watch your local pub football team and have great dating experiences just like the nation’s favourite royal couple. Who would not like to emulate them? Dating is made to look so effortless by these two beautiful fools.


Prince William


The couple had been dating since attending St Andrew’s university and have been married for a little over a year and still look sporty and fit. Their union was made legal in April 2011 and was witnessed by over 2 billion people. They smushed thousands of their closest friends and diplomats into Westminster Abbey, the same place William’s mother Diana’s funeral was held in. A little awkward no? Anyway let’s play a little bit of croquet?

Daphne X