Choosing Between Subscription or Free Dating Sites

There are several differences between free dating sites and paid dating sites which are not always so easy to distinguish. For example, several paid membership dating sites will offer access to their services for free for a limited period, after which, unless they receive payment, your profile will either be deleted or alternatively, your use of the site will be seriously restricted (for example, you may be able to keep your profile picture and message on the site but will most probably be unable to exchange messages with full paid members).


Subscription Dating Sites


However, free dating sites still offer their services on a membership registration basis but offer their service absolutely free, their overheads being covered by advertisers who sponsor or place ads on the site.

Whilst free dating sites may not always feature layouts which are flashy and interactive, most are very user friendly and allow members to post their profiles, message each other and register notes of interest in the same manner as paid sites. Furthermore, their monitoring and professionalism of service is likely to equate to those of paid sites and as they accept no payments from members, their motivation and purpose is arguably purer too.

Of course, as any exchange of goods or service which involves payment and profit is subject to market forces and inflation, the fees for membership of paid sites may rise, whereas free dating sites are unaffected by commercial pressures such as competition as well as financial factors.


Free Dating Sites


However, the main difference can be found in the quality of the service that subscription websites offer – if it is quality you are after then paid is the only way to go.

At we sincerely hope that you choose to keep your dating free from stress, for a healthy love life and a quality subscription service then you need look no further.


Safety Tips when using Online Dating Sites

Whether you choose to use paid membership dating sites or free dating sites, there are several precautions which should be taken in order to ensure that you remain safe. Even the most secure, well-monitored online dating sites can fall foul of unscrupulous individuals who aim to take advantage of genuine members. Look out for any discrepancies in profiles which you come across, such as a photograph which does not seem to match the member’s age or profile info or claims within the profiles which seem wild or exaggerated.


Report any aduse when using online dating sites


Once you begin to communicate with a member, never give them personal information such as your address or phone number until you have met a few times in person and have judged them to be genuine and trustworthy and at least for the first few dates, meet in a busy venue during daylight hours and tell friends and family of your plans. Never reveal your bank details to other members on dating sites and definitely never send cash to any member, no matter how well you feel you know them, or how plausible their need seems. Furthermore, always report any false or suspicious profiles to the site administrators, as well as any abusive or inappropriate behaviour.


Keep your personal details private using online dating sites


Once these basic precautions have been taken, prepare to have fun and find love with a fantastic dating site such as ours. When you put safety first, you can be assured of a positive and powerful experience with online dating sites.


For more information, sign up and log into today.


Why Pay for Online Dating while Free Dating Sites Boom?

Is it unfortunate that many dating sites out there expect you to pay a fee for the privilege of having access to potential dates – no! Is it like preying on those of us that don’t have the time to find dates elsewhere, taunting us almost, telling us that there are plenty of dates to be found but you have to pay for it first – no! In the past, a lot of people have been torn between wanting to find someone and not wanting to pay and in the end many would simply cough up, there is an alternative – free dating sites – however, they are not always all they appear to be.


dating sites


So many free dating sites are popping up all over the place, and appear on the face of it to be the perfect solution for those that want a quick, easy and cheap way of finding that special someone. With budgets being increasingly tight they couldn’t have come at a better time, because who wants to pay for talking to someone? However, those that don’t initially ask for money will often expect it in the end. Ploys such as “browse potential matches for free!” are common, only for them to turn round and tell you that yes, you can browse for free, but if you want to actually have a conversation, see who has read your emails, promote your profile then you need to pay for it.


free dating sites


Many free dating sites claim they allow you to find that special someone without having to spend a fortune in the process, this is simply not the case. Is their any point in paying for something when you can get it for free elsewhere – yes! We run a quality, subscription based service for our dating sites members. We’re sure you’ll find someone that appeals to you, however, as you will often find in life, you get what you pay for – quality!


The Benefits of Paid and Free Dating Sites

Despite the fact that there are more paid and free dating sites than ever before, some people are still sceptical. How can you possibly find that special someone, they think, by searching online? Surely it’s far better to get out there and search for The One in person? Well, not always, and here are just a few benefits of online dating to prove it.


• It’s convenient. With many of us leading incredibly fast-paced lifestyles there’s far less time to do things for ourselves. Finding opportunities to actually get out there and meet people can be few and far between, but online dating sites avoid this – we can find dates at our leisure and without having to leave the house, offering far more chance that we’ll actually meet someone.


The Benefits of Online Dating Sites


• It’s hard to meet people in “usual” situations. People don’t often form lasting relationships when they meet in clubs and bars, and the dream of eyes meeting over the crowds in a coffee shop rarely becomes a reality. Times are changing, and having a new way to meet someone is always advantageous.


• It’s much less stressful. The first few conversations with someone can be incredibly awkward, and what about that first date? If it doesn’t go well then time can be wasted and stress can be through the roof. But, with subscription and free dating sites you get the chance to vet people before you actually meet them, hopefully saving a great deal of time and hassle.


These are just a few benefits, and as you can see it’s really worth giving it a go. Why not see for yourself? If you’re looking for online dating sites you’ve come to the right place, so take a look around and see what (or who) you can find.


The Rise of UK Dating Sites

Over the years we’ve been able to find more and more things online without ever having to leave the comfort of our own home. Now, we can even find dates – dating sites are definitely on the rise and there are now more to choose from than ever before, and it certainly isn’t hard to see why.

Dating sites are perfect for the modern world, where we seem to be incredibly busy and without any time left over. We’re far too snowed under with work and other obligations to get out there and actually meet people, so how are we supposed to find dates in these situations? Life can easily get in the way, but when you can find a site that can direct you to potential dates it all becomes far easier.


The Rise of UK Dating Sites


With dating sites we get the opportunity to look for potential dates without awkward first conversations, and can easily decide whether anyone’s worth a second look from their profile. No time’s wasted at all, and in today’s world, that can only ever be a good thing.

It can be even better, but not always, when these sites are free, because who wants to pay for the privilege of simply meeting someone? Some free dating sites offer all the advantages without the price tag, however, many have hidden charges and very few offer the same quality of services that provides.

Why not come and experience the popularity for yourself? We’re one of the UK’s biggest dating sites and we’re growing all the time. It’s quick, convenient and totally hassle-free, and who knows, you could be just a few clicks away from finding the person of your dreams.


Thinking of Online UK Dating Sites?

Isn’t it more exciting if you can meet other people whom you do not have to worry whether they have something in common with you or not? Want to meet someone who lives near you via the internet? Have you ever tried the services offered by subscription or free dating sites? Chances are you share more things in common with someone who lives locally as you walk the same streets, go to the same bars or clubs, eat at the same restaurants, or maybe shared the same schools when you were still young, chances are high that you will not find it difficult to relate with each other. You might have already bumped into each other, shared a smile yet have not had a chance to get to know each other then. But when you have your first chat and talk about the places you have been, you both realize that dating each other is as inevitable as a rainy day in Edinburgh. Isn’t that romantic?


UK Dating Sites


Indeed, it pays if you share something in common with your potential partner before going out dating. Uncomfortable silences during face-to-face dates will definitely be a thing of the past! is a quality, subscription based, online UK dating website which offers a range of features from instant messaging, anonymous emails, advanced postcode searching and video chatting to its full members. You can join its community absolutely free, however, only full members can enjoy the great benefits of the websites services. Unlike free dating sites, many of which have hidden charges, generally offer a less comprehensive range of services.


Find Someone with Subscription or Free Dating Sites

With spring nearly upon us and a fresh start is calling. That can only mean one thing – it’s the perfect time to find that special someone you can share your life with. But how can you do that? Meeting people can be hard, not least at this time of year when it’s far too cold and miserable to actually get out there and do something about it, and that’s when online dating comes in.

Either quality subscription or free dating sites can be a true lifesaver for people who simply might not be able to meet the love of their life by any other means. It gives them the chance to connect with other people on a stress-free level, because by the time the first date arrives they already know plenty about each other.


Subscription or Free Dating Sites


Think of it as a screening service – you can filter out the inappropriate ones and will hopefully be left with someone that you can get on with in a face-to-face situation as well. It’s the ideal opportunity to get out there without actually having to go “out”, and in today’s fast-paced world that’s a huge advantage.

If you choose a subscription website then you will need to pay a fee to use many of the features. The main advantage these dating sites have over their free counterparts is quality, with much more being invested in the site the features offered are much better.

Free dating sites give you the opportunity to meet that special someone without paying for the privilege, and with budgets being increasingly tight this can only be a good thing. So, if you want to find that special someone without the hassle or expense, make sure to have a browse to see who takes your fancy.


Perfect Profile Pictures for Dating Sites

Once you have decided to embark on the adventure which is online dating, it is important to decide which profile picture perfectly complements your profile and personality. Some people who use either free dating sites, or quality subscription based websites like ours, are tempted to use profile pictures which are slightly out of date and this is false economy – because if you have been honest about your age and appearance and expect to meet potential partners, honesty is the best policy. However, do not sell yourself short either: pick an attractive and natural picture for your online profile.


Profile Pictures for Dating Sites


If you have a quirky and cheeky personality there is nothing wrong with striking a pose which reflects this, but as a multi-faceted individual, perhaps a more natural and simple picture would be preferable. First impressions last and many people, although they may not be comfortable admitting it, will look at pictures before they read profiles. So, consider this fact if you are tempted to use a picture which reveals more about your personality, lifestyle, (or indeed body!), than it is wise to.

Again, when you are deciding on pictures to use on either free dating sites, or subscription based websites, seek advice from friends, because many of us are not as confident about our looks as we should be and friends can give you objective and honest guidance on your perfect picture. Moreover, relax – any partner worth their salt will only regard your picture as an initial ‘hook’ before they read your profile and choose to contact you.


Perfect Profile Pictures for Dating Sites


Conversely, remember to read the profiles of those people whose pictures attract you, as matching personalities and common interests are more likely to foster a lasting bond than simple physical attraction. What have you got to lose? Sign up today for free at dating for girls!


Paid versus free dating sites

You do not get much for free nowadays: there is usually an extensive network of strings attached! However, Dating for Girls is different from the usual 100% free dating sites. Unlike other dating sites, we are not merely offering a free trial, after which you are required to pay to continue using the service. We are upfront about our services – a quality, subscription based website, not completely free to our clients – we charge a fee. No matter your age, lifestyle or requirements, we have a partner for you on our website.


Our simple yet effective service is extremely popular and we are delighted to be able to offer our clients the chance to find love online. Modern life is hectic and stressful and increasing numbers of people looking for true love, friendship or even simply companionship are turning to online dating sites. There is no longer any stigma attached – after all, we shop, communicate, study and work online already, so why should dating be any different.


In fact, for those who have work and family commitments, finding the time to socialise in more traditional ways can be almost impossible. Online dating sites such as ours allow you the time to browse potential matches before contacting them. Thereafter, you can get to know your potential date by chatting online before you decide to meet in person.


If you approach online dating in a responsible and safe manner, it can be a much more positive experience than trying to start conversations over blaring music in busy bars and clubs. There are thousands of attractive and fascinating people on our website just waiting to hear from you: so what are you waiting for? Sign up for free to Dating for Girls today!


Find True Love the Easy Way

Finding a partner isn’t always as simple as we would like, so it helps that there is a world of online dating that can help you find your true love.


Here at Dating for Girls we are different to free dating sites, as we offer a premium service. Being 100% free to sign up to you can check out the site without any hidden costs and we provide you with a world of dating possibilities.


So, what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. While this may sound too good to be true, it’s not. Our mission is to provide our members with a real chance of finding true love or companionship. We understand how frustrating and difficult the dating world can be, which is why we have made our dating sites services easy to use.


We have thousands of members from across the UK signed up to our site, so you have a wide range of members to consider.


Simply fill in our entry fields on our homepage, upload a photograph and see where our website can take you.


We advise you to interact online before you meet up. This will allow you to gain a better insight into a potential partner’s personality and whether you both match interests. Once you do meet up, you may find they will become a great friend or even something more.


True love isn’t always easy to find, but with Dating for Girls, we can help to smooth the way.