TV show Dinner Date is the biggest con!

I know, I already touched upon this, but I needed to expand on the matter. The TV show Dinner Date is the biggest con of the 21st century. It’s the most heart breaking dating show on television.


happy couple on tv show dinner date


Lured in for 43 mins

For approximately 43 minutes, you are lured into thinking that one of three people is going to woo one person, who by the way is robbing two three course dinners off poor horny people, and fall in love and live happily ever after! Does this ever happen? No, not to my knowledge.


another happy couple on tv show dinner date


Second hand dating

It’s just the worst kind of second hand dating pain. The episode always ends with the cozy scene in the restaurant. They’re having a grand old time, say there’s a spark and so on and so on. However, never have I seen them say, THING 1 AND THING 2 GOT MARRIED AND HAD BABIES! Now, that might be jumping the gun a wee bit, however, they never even see each other again.



It begs the question, why?

It’s outrageous. It begs the question, why would you even go on that show? The probability your week of dating will pay off is so low, its like why even bother in the first place? The world is a strange place!


Daphne X