Dating a Cat Man – Do you really want to go there?

Lately I’ve gotten used to the ridiculous theories and tactics for the perfect dating life that litter every single magazine, honestly they fail to surprise me anymore. Well, that was true until I found this. An article dedicated to helping you make the monumental decision of whether or not it is okay to date a man who owns a cat. WHAT?


So here’s the dealio. Apparently “nothing is vagina-tingling about a dude in possession of this animal” Yes that was the exact word. “vagina-tingling”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely no animal in particular makes a man more or less “vagina-tingling”. But each to their own, eh?


Marlon Brando and Cat


Now for some specialist dating analysis from the pro’s: “Owning a cat says he doesn’t really know how to connect” You what mate? We’re going to decide whether a man is suitable to date by his choice of pet?  What next? Ginger cat means he’s got a loving personality, black and white cat means he lacks the ability to take risks and tabby cat means he’s willing to try new things? See, any one can write this crap, even me! When do I start?






Are David and Victoria Beckham on the dating rocks?

They were spotted out dating at the Wimbledon grand final looking sombre. They were not their loving touchy feely selves as they gazed at Roger Federer and Andy Murray battle it out for the Wimbledon 2012 Men’s Singles final. Federer ultimately won the fight and took his seventh title.


David Beckham


David and Victoria have faced many challenges in their dating life. Reports emerged in 2004 that David had an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos. The footballer denied it and he and Victoria powered through it and they now have four children together, Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz and the newest addition Harper, born in 2011.


Victoria Beckham


But can their long dating relationship stand the test of time? With divorce rates up and David loosing his shine, backed up by not being selected for the 2012 Team GB football squad. Victoria’s power and prestige is rising as her husband’s career is declining. Her fashion line meets rave reviews every year at Fashion Week and her singing career became immortalized with the début of Viva Forever, a musical that is set to light the West End on fire with it’s punchy songs, quick wit and a retelling of the Girl Power stampede.

Daphne X

You Know You Love Chace and Erin

Gossip Girl and What To Expect When You Are Expecting hottie Chace Crawford is linked to be dating American sports presenter Erin Andrews. They have been spotted dating in New York City. Sources claimed they appeared to be very much enchanted by each other’s presence. They were the coziest pair in the restaurant.


Chace Crawford


Chace Crawford is better known for his portrayal of Upper East Sider and misunderstood rich boy Nate Archibald. His on screen persona seems to have little trouble attracting the ladies and is forever given story lines that involve dating incredibly beautiful women such as Katie Cassidy, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, just to name a few. Erin Andrews is more known among the sports fans rather than the teenage age girl segment of the television market. She also starred in the hit US reality show Dancing With The Stars.


Erin Andrews


They are taking things slow and seeing where the dating life takes them as a couple. However if Chace is ever found to be unhappy with his sports anchor cutie he can always look me up. I promise I will guarantee his happiness, in both dating and life. This is another one of my dating S.O.S’s I really hope gets received.


Daphne X

KK + KW 4 eva?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially an item. The two are dating after years of being exclusively in the ‘friend’ zone. The media mogul/reality television star and rapper/pop culture phenomenon are taking it slow and keeping their dating life top secret. Kim Kardashian was reluctant to answer questions in a recent American TV interview about her relationship with the hip hop star.


Kim Kardashian


Maybe this is because her last high profile dating adventure ended in such turmoil? Her 72 day marriage to basket baller Kris Humphries was one of 2011’s hot scandalous topics. The wedding was broadcast in a two specials on E! News Network. Both parts lasted two hours. They showed Kim and Kris planning and going through with the wedding despite jitters and criticisms from family members. Maybe she should have listened to both of those aspects? Kanye West has written song lyrics confessing his undying love to the Armenian-American beauty.


Kanye West


The two high profile celebrities seem to be happy together. Hollywood has a nasty habit of producing great couples and then ripping them apart with things like magazine rumours, busy schedules and conflicting projects. Here is to hoping that both parties involved are extremely happy together.

Daphne X


Long Time Single for Longoria

Hollywood’s hottest Latino Eva Longoria and her ex-boyfriend Eduardo Cruz are seemingly back on and dating again. The two were spotted on the set of her hit television show Desperate Housewives. This was not the first sighting of the pair. They were both seen according to reports going into Casa de Eva Longoria.


Eva Longoria


The actress has not been lucky in love. She was married to French basketball star Chris Parker. They divorced and then were seen in a similar manner snooping around despite reports of not dating. Eva Longoria’s television show is also going down the can. Reports say this is the final season Desperate Housewives with no expectations to continue. What is Eva going to do?


Eduardo Cruz


Maybe turn back to the arms of Eduardo Cruz? With prospects of being unemployed made her rethink her want to flaunt her single status? A sparked up dating life can often fill the hole a serious loss took away. Here is to hoping that Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz are happy for the long haul this time and no need to regret decisions that caused them to split in the first place?


Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz


Daphne X