Unorthodox ways to spend time dating

  • Have a picnic in a graveyard – This one is particularly weird for a first date option. It says that you’re ready to discuss the finite nature of living, however, it also declares you are a big fat weirdo. Dating may not be for you. Or it might! Who am I to judge. It’s just a word of warning, keep that in mind.



  • Go for a STI check up – It’s a bit forward. However, without being a bit presumptuous, we’d never get anywhere in life, particularly when it comes to dating.  We might as well air all our dirty little secrets, as soon as possible. BETTER NOW THAN NEVER! It shows very clearly that you value each others time and bodies.


Dating may not be for you!


  • Your grandmother’s funeral – This is not the same as luncheon in a cemetery, as a dating option. You may feel differently, that’s fine. This is more of a sign that you’re a bit of a co dependent, but whatever.



  • The laundrette – Personally, this could be viewed as a romantic, nostalgic way to get to know each other in a dating capacity. However, it could also be viewed as weird. They may not want to see your undies.


Daphne X

5 dating ideas that rhyme with the word ‘dating’


1. Skating – this can be both on ice, or solid ground. It might be a general nuisance, and all over danger to the general public, but who cares? YOU’RE WINNING BY HAVING SOMEONE LOVE YOU. When your dating, you’re winning.


dating couple out skating


2. Orating – Go stand on the podium in Hyde Park, channelling your inner Prime Minister William Gladstone, and just let your wildest ideas come pouring out your big fat gob. Hey, when your dating… If not in the London area, go stand on your mum’s doorstep.

3. Grating – Cook yourself and your hunny a glorious Italian feast, and then sprinkle some finely grated fromage on your spag bol. Pay no mind that he or she may be vegan. WHEN YOURE DATING!

4. Painting – I saw this dating idea on Buzzfeed, because I am a young person, and that is where all young people get their news. All their true news, as well.


dating couple out painting


5. Fainting – This is dating concept that dates back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Channel your inner Ms Monroe, and just faint when it all gets a little bit too overwhelming.



Daphne X


Sammy and Cammy sitting a tree

David and Samantha Cameron revealed recently that they have a weekly night devoted to dating. They believe that this special time is crucial to keeping their relationship alive with David’s busy work schedule running the country. This questions our availability. If world leaders can find to shake up their dating lives, why can’t us mere mortals do the same?


David Cameron


Experts on dating praised this revelation from the Prime Minister. They agree that something to look forward to after the “new” feeling has worn off to make your relationship a little hotter! Having that one special evening a week is also something to look forward to during your work week. A added bonus of being a dedicated dating couple, along with all the other ones that are too obvious to write down.


Samantha Cameron


I wish you a happy “Date Night”. Here is to hoping that you find someone that will want to commit that amount of love and affection towards you. David and Samantha have located that person and who says you can’t? There is definitely someone out there for everyone. This is a word of wisdom I will pass onto you my fellow dear readers. A gem donated from the master of dating.


Daphne X