I don’t understand the appeal of dating apps.

Stars are just like they us! They too, hate the dehumanizing process of swiping on total strangers. These people might be the nicest, most loveliest people in the world. However, because of the way they lay their photos out, I wouldn’t be caught dead dating them. I personally don’t understand the appeal of dating apps, but want to run away screaming from them.


Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron shares this sentiment. She doesn’t get the hype and finds them all so weird. They really are! I mean, its just swiping people, and then getting lumbered with an awkward conversation with Joe, 23 who lives in Greenwich, and works as a financial broker in the City. By the way, this is posh talk for he works in a call center.


Chelsea Handler


Toot the dating apps horn

A lot of my friends toot the dating apps horn, which I get. Personally, they aren’t for me. However, the appeal is apparent, if you extend your cob webbed ears. They provide a safe environment for talking to people you do not know. This is often invaluable to women. I’ve no clue how men feel on the matter. She was pushed towards them by her friend, and comedian, Chelsea Handler. Handler is known for her descriptions of her sexual exploits.

Daphne X