Disney Princes I would not go dating with

  • The Geezer from Snow White (Snow White) – First of all, this dickhead has no name. That would be the definition of aggro. Additionally, any bloke that goes about kissing dead girls is a freak. He needs to be locked up and not shown to small children. Also, on a kinda unrelated note, Snow White is a rubbish film. It’s scary and not funny and creepy. There are other iconic films to squander your time with.



Prince from Snow White



He Probably Smells


  • Beast (Beauty And The Beast) – Right, I’ve heard a lot of ladies, some of which are my pals, my good pals, say they fancy the beast. Right, that is different from wanting to jam with a lion. He is not dating or friend material. He has anger issues and, let’s face it, probably smells. I’ve got no way of confirming this statement, but it just rings to true to me.



Prince from Beauty and the Beast



  • Aladdin – This fine piece of ass is bad news for those wanting to get into the dating game. Why, I don’t hear you ask? He has not come to terms with who he is, and will lie to get into your pants. Ladies, we deserve more than men who don’t love themselves, and think it is both wise and acceptable to fib. NO TO FIBBING! Didn’t his mother tell him to tell the truth? To be fair, she might be dead.



Prince Aladdin



Daphne X