She’s got a long list of ex lovers

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are moving at the speed of light. While we were still mourning the loss of Taylvin, she had got off her sofa, put down her ice cream and moved onto one of Hollywood’s most eligible men! She puts the rest of us pathetic cry babies to shame.


Taylor Swift


The pair of them have been spotted on the beach, meeting each other’s parents and just generally being a very cute couple. It’s verging on a bit sickly sweet. So much so, I’m debating if I can actually deal with it. I mean, I know I can because I love Taylor more than I love H2O or any other vital life resource.


Tom Hiddleston


Nah, but seriously. Taylor can date however she wants for as long as she wants. It must be great to know you can still be the world’s oldest punchline to the world’s oldest joke about women going out with lots of different men. Seriously, the world press should see my friendship group. They make Taylor Swift look like a god damn nun stuck in an abbey. You’d think they’d never seen causal dating in the 21st century. Is this life pre the pill or something?


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