Seinfeld has the worst dating advice

Of all the TV shows I watch, I’ve come to the conclusion that Seinfeld has the worst dating advice. The four main characters; Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, constantly spend so much time whinging about their partners. They expect perfection and will never get it. I know this because no one will ever get perfection. When people chase perfection, they will ultimately only catch disappointment. This is a truth of life, regarding any field of life; work, friends and school.


Jerry Seinfeld


George Constanza, for example, is someone I don’t understand gets any dates. That man should worship at the feet at any of the women that agrees to go out with him. He’s actually the worst. He’s short with glasses and so unbelievably rude. Jerry and Elaine are clearly just pretending they don’t love each other, so their refusal to see any good in any of their potential partners. Seriously, they shouldn’t have got together because that would ruin the humour of the show, but it’s so obvious.


George Costanza


Kramer is just a bit of an eccentric. I could see how he gets ladies, but also understand how he loses them. He’s just a weirdo, not boyfriend material.


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