Rules for Online Dating

The internet has become the perfect place for online dating. A way for single people to meet other singletons that may share the same common interests and hobbies. If you are considering online dating. Then there are a few aspects that you must consider prior to joining a dating website.


You must always think about your safety and protect yourself. When using the internet in the first instance. You need to ensure that your computer or laptop is fully protected against any viruses. That pose a threat to the hardware and information stored in your computer. Ensure that you have an anti-virus programme and that you have installed all the latest security updates.



Rules for Online Dating



Safety should always come first


Then you need to ensure that you protect yourself from spammers. Which could pose a threat of identity theft or try to scam money from you. Do not give anyone any personal information about yourself. Unless you are completely certain that the information will not be misused. If anyone asks you for money they are a spammer – there are no ifs or buts in this situation. They are trying to con you! Please beware, never, ever send any money and report the member immediately. If you are an old hand at online dating sites then you will know all this. However, if you are a first timer then this is how it works.


Take your time when you meet someone new, as rushing into anything is not a good idea. If you are meeting up, be sensible. Always meet in a public place. Tell a friend about your plans and always phone them afterwards to let them know you are safe.


Only share relevant information with the person you have chosen. Such as your interests and hobbies. As this kind of communication can lead to a budding friendship or relationship.


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