Prince Harry in a tell all interview

Prince Harry recently sat down with Good Morning America for a tell all interview. I won’t watch it, but I’m just letting you all know that happened. Apparently, he was ginger and a tad posh, but this is just hearsay. It’s a unconfirmed report, but I’ve got a hunch that it might be the case.


Prince Harry


I don’t really believe in royal duty and pageantry and the like. However, you weirdos just might. I think its really weird that people want to listen to the guff out come out his mother. Although, it must be said, I enjoy the work and the marvel of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so really, who am I to deny the world my media savviness? Some people, if any people, rely on yours truly for all their information. Again, this is another one of my irresponsible unconfirmed claims, but its allowed as long that is disclaimed, its all legit. I pinkie promise. We all know that is an authority like no other created by man. It’s a sacred convention, even for those pesky secularists. They just rain all over folk’s parade.

So yeah, basically, the king of ginger toffs has spoken. If you were wondering, his prole shadow is Rupert Grint.


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