Prince and the Pippa?

According to reports, Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry have been seeing each other in a romantic capacity for quite some time. Again, this is largely unconfirmed. It does sound like someone at a gossip mag had a bad day and in an attempt to fulfil a weird fantasy of theirs. Ever since they walked down the aisle in Westminster Abbey at Will and Kate’s wedding, people have been obsessed with the notion of them getting together. It’s a bit eye roll inducing. Like, how we are supposed to buy this.


Pippa Middleton


Apparently, he has been armoured with her. The romance has exclusively taken place in her home in London. There are no pictures. Also, no one seems to understand they could just be friends?


Prince Harry


I just don’t buy it. However, it could be true. More unbelievable things have happened. I would enjoy how it would annoy the Queen. Everything annoys her. On of the top of that list is the length of Princess Kate’s mini skirts. However, she can’t give fashion advice to anyone. Her outfits are built of one colour. That is only acceptable if its black. Black is the only colour one should wear head to toe.


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