Pippa Middleton wants one fit toff!

Calling all titled men! Do you have a public school education? Do you posses a membership to any sort of exclusive private club? Are you somewhat related to the Swedish royal family? If you answered yes to two or more of those questions you should try and track down Ms Pippa Middleton because she wants to go dating. The gal is in desperate need of dating a bloke with most of those qualifications.


Pippa Middleton


My theory is that this gal is on a mission to find a bloke. However, I believe it would be way funnier for Pippa to go out dating with a normal bloke. I mean, one that spends his afternoons down the boozer or at the football. How hilarious would that be? Imagine Pips bringing him home for Christmas while he wears his football strip.


Prince Harry


However, this will never happen and if one more person suggests that she needs to get it on with Prince Harry I think I will scream. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! WE DO NOT UNFORTUNATELY LIVE IN A EPISODE OF GOSSIP GIRL WHERE EVERYONE NEATLY MARRIES EACH OTHER FROM THEIR SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. I mean really has our life come down to this? It’s just a bit pathetic!


Daphne X


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