Pippa Middleton is making bad dating choices, again!

Our favourite person to randomly rag on is back! Her older sister, The Duchess (or Duchie, whatever you prefer. I’m not really bovvered) has warned her about her new boyfriend James Matthews.


Pippa Middleton


Can poor Pippa catch a break? I mean it’s not her fault her sister out does her all the time? I mean Kate wins all the competitions. She is the most posh (HELLO SHE HAS A TITLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) and let’s be honest she is the prettier one. I mean, she was dating, now married the sexiest prince (apart from Harry, but then she wouldn’t get a big ol’ posh wedding and potentially be Queen soon).


Prince Harry


However, one argument in Pippa’s favour is that her man has hair. Prince William can’t really claim to have a full head of hair now can he? She also has a nicer arse. However how far can that get a girl? Well, actually quite far but not in Pippa’s circles. She has Tatler worthy parties to be invited to. I mean she can’t be seen to be using her body commercially in an overtly sexual manner and still have Christmas dinner with Lizzie! One must be dignified to be in that family. Unless you’re Harry…

Daphne X


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