No More Party in the USA for Liam and Miley?

Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in crisis zone? The engaged young love birds have faced a lot of speculation about if their relationship is still alive. There has been a lot of conflicting rumors flying around the Hollywood circuit stating that the couple are in jeopardy while others saying they are fighting through the hard times. They however are still living together.


Miley Cyrus


Maybe there has just been a change of heart amongst the couple. Miley has already changed significantly in the past few years as she shifted from clean and cutesy Disney girly girl to edgy alternative scene chick with that short platinum blonde crop which has seriously divided opinions.


Liam Hemsworth


A lot of people are relieved with the prospect of Miley and Liam calling off their relationship. Senior figures in Miley’s life believe that she is moving way too fast and cutting off her options too soon in life as the singer is only 20 years old. People believe she needs to live a little more life before she decides what she wants for the rest of her life. However others are debating that she has grown up so quickly so therefore doesn’t need to wait anymore for that one special person.


Daphne X


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