Matchmaker Daphne Is Here!

I have had the best idea. Do you want to hear it? If so please keep reading this dating sites blog. Well here it is…


NORTH WEST AND HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE GEORGE WINDSOR OF CAMBRIDGE SHOULD TOTALLY GET MARRIED! I mean they are both around the same age and both understand living unfairly in the limelight due to having famous parents. They both have parents that severely divide opinion.


Kate Middleton and Baby Prince George


Due to baby mania going on, people like BBC Royal Editor Nicholas Witchall are always banging on about the monarchy getting modernized. I really don’t see anything more modern than the ghetto fab princess of America joining the British royal court. I mean lets look at her pedigree for starters. Her mother is Kim Kardashian and her father is Kanye West. They are connected to severe royalty like Beyoncé and Jay Z. Think of the happiness it would bring to the American people. IMAGINE THE DOLLAR SIGNS IN KRIS JENNER’S EYES FOR THAT UNION!


Kim Kardashian and Baby North West


Well if that relationship doesn’t work, George could always be matched with Blue Ivy Carter or Penelope Disick. Let’s not box the wee bubba in. I mean the dude is only a few days old.


Daphne X


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