Marc Anthony and Chloe Green no longer dating!

Jennifer Lopez’s ex husband Marc Anthony and Chloe Green, daughter of Phillip Green, owner of Arcadia Group aka the company that owns Topshop’s are no longer dating. Is it just me, you know being a crazy fool or did this union make you go WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Well call me mean but I actually LOLed. I actually cannot think of two random people to fall in love.


Chloe Green


Marc Anthony is supposedly a famous Latino singer; I mean I’ll take all those people on the E! News Network saying so to be the gospel truth but let’s face it, we will forever see him as Jenny from the block’s old bloke and nothing else. I’m sure he is very good at singing but reputations are very hard to shake. I honestly applaud his getting back out there and carrying on with his ex all over my damn television and magazines. Seriously, J Lo can you stop telling me to get on to the floor? I really don’t think I can be bothered.


Marc Anthony


Chlozz’s little black book is a little less A list. She previously dated Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke and that is the only reason I’ve heard of her. She also designed a line of shoes for Topshop, which must have been overpriced because I really don’t think she’d like to the buck the trend.


Daphne X


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