Leo has a new lady friend and we want her legs

Leonardo Di Caprio most definitely has a type when it comes to women. They have to be blonde, tall and drop dead gorgeous. This statement is the conclusion from looking at his past dating history as it includes women like Sports Illustrated swim suit cover star Bar Raffelli and Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively aka the new Mrs Ryan Reynolds.


 Leonardo Di Caprio


His newest blonde is 20 year old Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn. The pair were spotted sightseeing in Europe. This included a fun and flirty tour of Versailles, the gigantic palace on the suburbs of Paris. The trip was taken after the debut of his international smash hit film The Great Gatsby which was a Baz Luhrmann adaption of the best selling novel


Toni Garrn


The film if you think about Titanic fans could be thought of being the alternative ending to Titanic if Rose had managed to shift her ass over a little bit and let him on the plank of wood she was bobbing about on. ROSE WE ALL KNOW THERE WAS ENOUGH ROOM FOR JACK TO FIT ON TOO, YOU KNOW!


Well let’s hope that if Toni and Leo were ever in a similar situation, Toni would make the right amount of space for him to smush on alongside because we could save a whole load of unneeded drama, if you want my thoughts.


Daphne X


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