Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship is so weird

This sentiment may be too often repeated, but am I the only person around here that finds Kylie and Tyga’s relationship so weird?


Kylie Jenner


The strangest thing I find about it is how okay it is with her mother. Kris Jenner is someone well known for her ability to create fame out of anything; a sex tape, a crap song or a banana. She is a magician. Perhaps she loves that this relationship is a platform for more fame.

However, he wrote a song called Rack City and if I went out with someone who wrote the lyrics to this song, my whole family would buss me up. Like, doesn’t her mothering role kick in at any point? I’m not telling her how to be, but merely trying to understand her thought process.




I suppose Kylie is 18 and therefore does have the right to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants. However they did start to go out when she was 17, an actual child. I know you can’t stop, but she seems okay.

However we’ll never really know any of the Kardashian-Jenner’s actual opinions. That would make them more human than they want to appear.


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