Kylie Jenner and Tyga call it quits

Kim Kardashian West recently appeared on the excellent television programme Watch What Happens Live, where she dished some secrets. She told host Andy Cohen, while playing the legendary game Plead The Fifth, that she was relieved when Kylie and Tyga called it quits and stopped dating. She told the late night host their transition from dating to not was relatively calm. There was minimal drama.


Kylie Jenner


I don’t believe her!

Right, now it’s time for my hot take. I don’t believe her. Kylie Jenner looks like she not going to be good at stopping dating. Although, it must be pointed out, for argument’s sake, that she does not lack for potential suitors. The girl is always being spotted with fellow Instagram famous dudes. Doing quite well for herself.




Kim looked well… looking glam, bronzed and all that jazz. Revealing that their was a very slim chance that Caitlyn and Kris never speak again. Citing that the only reason they would speak was because of their two daughters. Caitlyn is a top class idiot. She thinks the mainstream Republican Party need her consultation on trans issues. They only care about white, rich men.

Daphne X


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