Kimmy Kardashian back at it again

Kim Kardashian West, as any dedicated viewer of her excellent reality television programme will tell you, is a proud Armenian. Her father’s family descended from wealthy Armenian refugees. On one episode, they visited their motherland and, I shit you not, got an arrival worthy of the Messiah that Kanye West thinks he is.


Kim Kardashian


Anyway, one of the causes the Kardashian sisters like to champion is the international recognition of the 1915 Armenian genocide. This is largely denied to have ever taken place by various countries, such as Turkey, the perpetrators. Recently, a advert ran, promoting the idea of the genocide being a lie, in the Washington Post. This enraged KKW to no end, and rightly so.

Due her vast resources, she was able to take out a counter ad and basically take the Washington Post to task on the advertisements it selected to run; a check yourself before you wreck yourself kinda message.


Kanye West


When she does things like this, I really rate her. Then, she does a million other foolish things that make me go “WHY KIMMY?” However, she is multimillionaire and doesn’t care what I think. And for that, I rate her even more.


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