Kim K has disappeared

Alright, maybe she hasn’t. Maybe she is just recovering from the brutal attack on her security and wealth at Paris Fashion Week. As you will all know, Mrs Kardashian West was held up at gun point and robbed in her hotel room. This shocked a considerable amount of folk; fans, her haters and mostly my flat mate. She, genuinely, texted me when it happened, like it had happened to someone we know… As horrible as it was, I really ought not be alerted as if she is one of my nearest and dearest. However, this is a point for her, and not for you my faithful readership.


Kim Kardashian


Anyway, this has led to many different opinions. Some shocking and some considerate. A Halloween costume has popped up, spoofing the event. Karl Lagerfeld said that she should stop flaunting her wealth on her various social media platforms. This bloke is her friend…. However, if you expect Karl Lagerfeld to be a compassionate sook, well your on the wrong planet. It’s not okay, but hardly surprising.


Karl Lagerfeld


She has been spotted out and about in Hollywood. She was spotted getting lunch with a pal. She did, however, look goddamn scared and not really up for life. She was decked on in black workout gear.


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