Jennifer and Justin 4 lyfee

Jennifer Aniston and long time beau Justin Theroux have been spotted outside wandering the sunny streets of New York City. The loved up pair have been gallivanting around the Big Apple. Justin Theroux has broken Jennifer Aniston’s string of bad dating patterns. She has had trouble since her infamous split from ex husband Brad Pitt. Pitt left her in 2004 for sexy siren Angelina Jolie. The pair now have six children, both adopted and their own.


Jennifer Aniston


The smiles are a shock to the movie world as their new movie Wanderlust is tanking at the American box office. However Jennifer’s dating history may be tainted but her selection of movies have outnumbered her men. She is a lady of the big screen and dominates her genre of the romantic comedy films all filled with dating. She has maybe learned a few things about romantic happy endings.


Justin Theroux


Rumours have flown round Hollywood about their engagement. Is it ever going to happen? Has she been scared by her previous jaunt down the aisle? They do however seem to be very contented with each other’s company and maybe don’t need a piece of paper to solidify their relationship? Though the world will still wonder, will J + J = luv 4evva?


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