Is Amber Heard moving on?

Amber Heard, ex wife of alleged wife beater Johnny Depp, has revealed she has been striking up a friendship with car man Elon Musk. This has therefore prompted questions that the pair are now dating. This would be a nice break for Amber who recently was married to what looks like the smelliest man in Hollywood. Depp seems to be The Worst, even without the rumors of domestic violence, because he looks like he never wears deodorant. YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET ORGANIC, VEGAN GUBBINS TO STICK UNDER YOUR PITS, YOU BIG OLD HIPPY!


Amber Heard


Gold Digging

Anyway, if Amber was dating Elon, she not only would’ve found herself a clean looking man, but one with better financial prospects. Now, I’m not implying she’s a gold digger. I’m just merely pointing out that a man with money is evolutionary more attractive. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ALL THOSE LADIES WANT TO SHAG HUGH HEFNER? HH is a the human embodiment of a raisin. He is a dried up grape of a man.


Johnny Depp


Anyway, whatever those two are doing together, dating or being platonic, I hope they are happy. They are both seemingly two of the least stressful people in Hollywood. I mean, they’re no Justin Bieber.

Daphne X



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