Introducing new bolt-ons from Dating for Girls

As part of our dating sites ongoing development we have added several new features to enhance our members experience. Once logged on you can find a new heading – bolt-ons where you can browse these new options.


Contact for FREE!


The ‘Contact For Free’ Bolt-on allows members to be messaged by both full and basic dating site members and is illustrated by an envelope icon on their profile page.

This Bolt-on feature offers advanced functionality or member privileges that will encourage full and basic members to initiate contact.


Reply for FREE!


Confident in the knowledge that a well crafted private message can guarantee a response, a basic dating site member can respond back if they receive a message from a full member with the ‘Reply For Free’ Bolt-on (increasing their chances of a response). This is shown by a special button in the message’s title, encouraging the member to get back in touch for free.




– Bolt-ons are designed to encourage members to initiate contact with both full and basic dating site members to increase your chances of finding a potential partner.

– If a member has upgraded through a trial you will be able to purchase Bolt-ons, even if it’s a 24 hour trial. When your subscription reverts back to a basic membership the Bolt-ons will no longer exist and you will not be re-billed for any Bolt-ons.

– Members can turn the Bolt-ons on and off as many times as they like within your 30 day trial period however, you must have them turned off to ensure you are not re-billed after the trial.

The first two Bolt-ons have been launched across all networks with great success- stay tuned to the Dating for Girls blog for future updates.


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