Hashtag Insta-Dating

I thought that online flirting over social media was restricted to the youth of today. But watch out you lot, looks like the disease is spreading. Why? Who knows. There are plenty of online dating sites nowadays for those who aren’t having much luck finding their soulmate. So surely there is no need to ‘poke’ your facebook faves and ‘deep like’ your Insta-crushes. Well,  apparently, this is a much better idea than using your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests to find someone who may actually make a good boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. That’s right, instead, middle aged people are are commenting on each others ‘selfies’ asking for a #beersoonplease.


Confused Girl


I should really explain these modern dating terms. ‘Deep like’ – Searching through all the pictures on a person’s instagram from weeks, months even years ago and liking this person’s ‘selfies’. But don’t worry, it’s not “creepy” in fact it’s “flattering”. Forgive me if I disagree with that one…

Furthermore, the excellent ‘following’ feature. You can see all the recent activity from anyone you follow. That means you know if your ‘Insta-crush’ has been ‘deep liking’ another womans photo. Oh my! But yet again, we’re not to worry. We’ve been confidently assured that “…instagram doesn’t cause obsessive behavior, it simply facilitates it.” Forgive me if I disagree with this one too…

Well, thanks for the tips elle.com but I think we’ll stick to online dating, it involves a few less specialist terms and is a lot less creepy.


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