Has Amber Heard found new love?

Amber Heard is rumoured to have found a new love in her life. The starlet has been spotted with Elon Musk, the inventor of the Tesla car and other ground breaking concepts. They are said to be taking it slow and that he has been a great source of support for the actress and model.


Amber Heard


Heard is currently going through a divorce from Hollywood veteran and legend Johnny Depp. Back in the beginning of summer, it was announced they were separating. Heard filed for a restraining order against Depp. This was because she accused him of being violent towards her. Her claim of domestic abuse was met with wild opposition from very vocal people. Examples of these coming out to defend Depp included Vanessa Paradis, his ex partner and mother of his two children. The model and singer was horrified at the thought of her darling dear being abusive towards women. Divorce proceedings are being held up by many factors. It’s looking like its going to be a long slog.


Elon Musk


However, whatever is happening, its good Amber has found something to entertain herself with. I salute her and believe her. Why would anyone lie about it and be bothered to go through international scorn? Maybe, it’d get her money but I just cannot think anyone would want to be target of such hate.


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