Harry Styles claims dating Taylor Swift was hard!

Oh poor Harry Styles, who has come out and said that dating Taylor Swift was hard. I mean, the boy was only 18 years old when he was dating the singing superstar. When boys are 18, they still are fetuses. This may seem like harsh observation, but seriously have you ever met an 18 year old boy? You either were one, and you were probably The Worst. Or you happened to know one, and he was The Worst. They don’t mean to be The Worst, they just are. It’s who they are supposed to be; smelly, stinky and immature.


Taylor Swift


I’m not so sure they get any better when they get older, you know. I know its not their fault, so I don’t hold it against them. Well, to be honest, I try and fail at that one. I’ll be the first one to put my hand in the air and just wail about men. They’re honestly so annoying. I wouldn’t be so annoyed by them if they just stopped. Yes, I’m saying this with a hundred percent self awareness. If you don’t like it, I cannot be of any assistance to you, unfortunately.


Harry Styles


Well anyway, Harry Styles has a new song out. I haven’t heard it. Is it about dating?

Daphne X



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