Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have a second daughter!

The world was rocked by the revelation that Eva and Ryan were dating and then they produced a baby; a girl named Esmeralda. This broke the heart of approximately 78 percent of the international female population. There were desperate outcries on the internet. People could just not fathom the news. No one was prepared for this bomb.


Eva Mendes


I must admit, I was one of those distraught woman. I mean, have you seen his face? He worryingly made controlling boyfriends seem like a good idea in The Notebook with that face. His face made the The Notebook a watchable film. If you dissect the story, its just god awful, really. Anyway, I’m digressing.


Ryan Gosling


They welcomed their daughter Amada this week. Apparently, Ryan finds the whole fatherhood thing relatively easy. No word for what Eva thinks about the whole process. I imagine she doesn’t find the whole thing a breeze. Just a hunch, I had.

I think I speak for those scorned by their dream potential husband have kinda gotten over the whole betrayal and are now happy for them. His face has produced forgiveness. How can you be at his face?


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