Emma Stone Kissing The Best

Emma Stone really seems to have all the luck. She is dating new Brit actor hottie Andrew Garfield and then she get s to mack on with some of Hollywood’s sexiest. Recently on American chat show Ellen, hosted by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres she was asked who was a better kisser her boyfriend or heartthrob Ryan Gosling. Her cheeky response was “Apples and oranges, you know, um…” Some people are just blessed.


Emma Stone


Emma has starred in lots of movies that show off her comedic talents. Her breakthrough was 2007 cringe filled flick Superbad. She has had on screen dating relationships with Gossip Girl fittie Penn Badgley in teen rom-com Easy A. The red-head screen siren is j one of Hollywood’s newest gem.


Andrew Garfield


She recently got serious with her acting credibility in the 2011 film adaptation of The Help. Originally a book, this was the tale of the black civil rights movement in the deep South of America in the 1960s. A film that dabbled with the content in such a witty and charming manner yet still adding the key ingredients to a Hollywood smash hit recipe. A little bit of love interest action and dating from up and coming hottie Chris Lowell is just what the doctor ordered!


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