Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington not dating

Bloggers of the world, are we really a pathetic bunch of sad saps that we need to just churn out complete and utter dating news shite? Having just got done brushing through, barely really, an article about Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington not dating. All just a rumour concocted by some lazy, bored idiot in their bedroom.


Emilia Clarke


Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington star on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. Clarke plays the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi. Kit Harington plays Jon Snow. Don’t watch GOT so was disappointed when I found out that he doesn’t portray that lovable Channel 4 News anchor. They aren’t dating on the show.


Kit Harington


Anyway, MEDIA OUTLETS OF THE WORLD! IF PEOPLE ARE ON A TELEVISION PROGRAMME TOGETHER, IT DOESN’T MEAN THEY ARE DATING. It might mean that they are boinking. I’ve no idea what they are. I do get its fun to speculate. Maybe, I’m just calling the pot black, or whatever that expression is. WHO KNOWS, OR EVEN CARES? Does anyone care about anything? What is the point of it all? Anyway, I must go and eat my tea. It’s calling my name.

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