Dreaming about dating

If I could choose any celebrity pair to go dating, it would be a something very left field. I’ve not made up my mind, just yet. However, this dating pondering will rack my brains for evermore. A popular, yet underrated, in a fantasy “if neither had a partner already” world, I’d most likely go for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They’re a modern day Astaire and Rodgers, and if you utter philistines don’t know who they are, please go check yourself before you watch all their movies. The best one is Top Hat.


Emma Stone


  • La La Land

Emma and Ryan have starred in many films together. Their most recent flick was La La Land, a film all about dating and Los Angeles, a place I’ve never been. They’ve also acted together in other films such as Crazy Stupid Love, a film I found so BORING. I watched about ten minutes, then promptly decided to turn it off.


Ryan Gosling


I would also pick Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake to get back together. HOWEVER, as we all know, that’s not going to happen in the next million years. She’s been dating the Weeknd for a few months now. They’re all loved up over on Instagram, the modern answer to a love letter.

Daphne X



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