Disney Princes I would go dating with

  • Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) – He is at the top of list for most. He might not, however, be the most gentleman like in a dating situation. He’s a bit blinded by the hunt for perfection. BUT HEY, HE HAS NICE EYES.





  • Hercules (Hercules) – okay, not technically a prince, but rather a demigod, but pendants are not welcome on this channel. OKAY? He just would be swell, because he has a flying horse. Anyone with a flying horse, I will hunt for your digits and go dating with you. He also is pals with Danny Devito, a legitimate comedy legend.





  • Simba (The Lion King) – No, I don’t fancy lions. However, who said dating is a romantic event? I just want to hang out with a cute and fluffy lion, platonically. CAN’T A GIRL LIVE? I always perceive vicious attacks from my loyal readership base.





  • Prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty) – The geezer who randomly starts dancing with Sleeping Beauty is fiiiiiiiiiiine. His namesake, HRH of Edinburgh, on the other hand is not. Racism and being 93 doesn’t equal dating potential, even in a platonic/lion way.





Daphne X



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