Hashtag Insta-Dating

I thought that online flirting over social media was restricted to the youth of today. But watch out you lot, looks like the disease is spreading. Why? Who knows. There are plenty of online dating sites nowadays for those who aren’t having much luck finding their soulmate. So surely there is no need … [Read more...]

Dating a Cat Man – Do you really want to go there?

Lately I’ve gotten used to the ridiculous theories and tactics for the perfect dating life that litter every single magazine, honestly they fail to surprise me anymore. Well, that was true until I found this. An article dedicated to helping you make the monumental decision of whether or not it is … [Read more...]

Dealing With Your Dating Disaster

Okay so I do get it. Far too often, little baby cupid makes a booboo. You go through a dating breakup and the last thing you want is to see the new gal (or guy) all over Facebook. But really, I mean really, it cannot be bad enough to drive you to hop onto the Cosmopolitan website and begin searching … [Read more...]