My new favourite dating show

My new favourite dating show is a crash course in car crash television. It is Channel 5’s latest offering; Make Or Break. This show is so bad, that is actually amazing. It was clearly devised so quickly to fill the cavernous cavity left by Love Island; a show I feel blessed to have … [Read more...]

TV show Dinner Date is the biggest con!

I know, I already touched upon this, but I needed to expand on the matter. The TV show Dinner Date is the biggest con of the 21st century. It’s the most heart breaking dating show on television.     Lured in for 43 mins For approximately 43 minutes, you are lured into thinking … [Read more...]

An Amber Heard Update

The other day, I had a discussion with this girl and her mum about Amber Heard. They were unsure of the validity of her domestic violence claims. I SHUT THOSE JOKERS DOWN! Johnny Depp fan girls and boys don’t come at me. YOU WILL GET CUT! I firmly, and politely, reminded her that she was not there … [Read more...]

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington not dating

Bloggers of the world, are we really a pathetic bunch of sad saps that we need to just churn out complete and utter dating news shite? Having just got done brushing through, barely really, an article about Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington not dating. All just a rumour concocted by some lazy, bored … [Read more...]

Celebs Go Dating

There’s a new, well new to me, dating show that I completely forgot to mention! The E4 show Celebs Go Dating is back for a second series. Perhaps, I am growing up, but E4 is just full of shite. All the shows I’ve seen on their recently is just dire. Rich Kids of Instagram is particularly … [Read more...]

Top 4 Reality TV Dating Shows

Top 4 Dating Shows   Blind Date - Oh what was Saturday night in the late nineties to early noughties without Cilla Black and three mystery desperate singletons vying for a stranger’s romantic affection? NOTHING, I TELL YOU, NOTHING. It was the pinnacle of … [Read more...]

Guess what we can do now?

GUESS WHAT HAS JUST BECOME SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE? THE CONSTANT BANGING OUT OF CHRISTMAS SONGS! Yup, it’s that time of year again, the post Thanksgiving haze, where it is okay to blare out All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. You can even mix it up with a wee bit of the The Pogues, a tad of … [Read more...]

The election is a coming!

If you are a Donald Trump supporter, you’re an idiot and have been told by your faithful leader to vote on the 28th. He is correct. That is the day votes for him are being counted and verified. Hillary Clinton supporters are expected to turn out on the 8th of November. This day, it will only be … [Read more...]

Can we just get over the Brangelina divorce?

I know in a previous post I added fuel to the fire, but can we just get over the Brangelina divorce? Unless, you are family member, friend or co worker, your capacity to care, to the level we all seem to be, should not be so high. You don’t know them. You’ve never spoken to them. Yes, you’re allowed … [Read more...]

It’s hacky and I hate it

This is a public service announcement. Actually, no this is a public service DEMAND! Can please make a collective decision, as consumers of mindless pop culture and celebrity dating stories, to stop speculating about Jennifer Aniston’s opinion on the breakdown of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s … [Read more...]